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dudacastro00 Duda Castro

A boy who gets to be the superman and makes his family proud

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A proud family

Once a boy lived in the woods with his family, his mother, his father and his sister. His parents wanted him and his sis to live in a quitter place. They were very poor but they didn’t knew what was coming for their lives.

Five years later.

-Let’s go guys we can’t be late. - said Jackson (my dad)

- We are going dad! - said Bella (my sis)

- I finished packing my things - I said (Clark Joseph Kent)

- All in the car - said Sarah (my mom)

You must be wondering what happened. So my dad was invited to meet the superheroes and we are all going he said that maybe my dad could be a superhero.

When we arrived….

A woman said:

-I am so happy to announce Clark Joseph Kent the new superhero.

My dad was shocked and so angry with me because my dad wanted to get famous, and he wanted to be the one who was saving the world. But that was me.

The woman said that I could choose my name and tell them why. And I said:

  • I want my name to be Superman, because that remembers me of my dad who is always for me.

My dad was so happy. He felt like the best dad that ever ruled the world.

And the woman said:

-Good choose and very good reason too. Your dad must be very proud of you.

And then my dad smiled at me and then I knew that he WAS proud.

When we got home my family was so happy. But what I didn't knew was that I felted pain when someone was in danger. That was my alert.

In some way I liked it.

I saved like 78 lives in a week. I thought that I was the awesomest but when I saw that spiderman he was with 1.003 in a week. How could I be like him? I admire him so much.

But then I noticed that, that was a matter of time, there was nothing wrong with me.

And then I got older, my abilities had gotten better and my family got prouder.

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To be continued...

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