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My husband Dave worried about his beloved wife Dionne's binge eating problem and gaining weight.

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Binge Eating Problem

Afternoon in the theater movie... "Enough eat too much," Dionne. My husband Dave takes some butter popcorn from his beloved wife. "SHH! Watch on Kong classic movie," Dave. She still eating a butter popcorn and drink cola soda cup. "Oh, boy!" He rolled his eyes and ashamed of her.

Tonight in my master bedroom at my pink house... "I think you are having binge eating problem," Dionne. My husband Dave concerned and in my bed. "I am finished the chocolate chip cookie now. I am ready to sleep now," Dave. His beloved wife went in her own bed with him. "Whoa! You're too chubby." He been smashing by his beloved wife. "I don't care you always concerned about my weight problem. Good night." She said. "Maybe I will sleep now." My husband Dave yawned and asleep now.

The next day morning in the kitchen... "Give me more bacons now," Dave. His beloved wife sat down on the leather pink chair near the tablecloth. "Oh, brothers! Here are some," Dionne. "I eat them and drink some milk now. Whoa!" "Are you okay?" He concerned about this. "Yeah! I'm fine. It's breaking down because I was too fattening now," Dave.

Outside front white door of my pink house... "I think you are too chubbier because you are too eating bacons," Dionne. My husband Dave attempts to help her because his beloved wife stuck of the doorposts sides. "Grunting! Oh. You are right that I might be getting fatter and fatter," Dave. She attempts to get out of it. "I will go to the backyard and get some butter from the refrigerator now." He said.

Whatever funny happens outside of the front white door... "You are spreading some butter on the doorposts sides," Dave? His beloved wife suspected. "Yeah. Give your hands that I am ready to pull you out of that. One! Two and Three!" "Whoa! Oh, wells? Where are you?" She getting rid of the doorposts sides, but his beloved wife concerns and looking for her husband Dave Seville. "I am under of your belly," Dionne! "Oh! Are you okay," Dave? His beloved wife gets up and takes a look at him. "Ouch! I am fine. Maybe you should lose weight because you are too chubbier." "I don't care you want me to lose weight!?" She disagreed with him.

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