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Empire Elevator

The massive Empire, Inc. is now open! Meanwhile, during a national crisis, ex-thrill-seeker, Freddy, retreats to his family's "elevating" traditions. While some old illegal activities creep back i... START READING

Filthy Fairytales Anthology

Wolves, mermaids, princesses, and villains. The same stories you once knew with new, dark, twists. How did Snow really get out of that tower? How'd the mermaid really get her legs? What really happ... START READING

The Infinite Tower

A Tower known only as the infinite Tower is said to grant the one who reaches the top one wish. Many struggle to make their way up as one after another they fall... START READING

Warlord's Ward

He came into our village like a shadow. A Dark Dread filled with powerful magic. The King merely called him Warlord. And he owned the name. Leaving wreckage in his wake. But for me he had oth... START READING

Aquel Que Hábito En El Abismo

Alguien conoce esa gran frase de que si miras al abismo mucho tiempo el abismo te devolverá la mirada... Pues el abismo si existe pero no es el abismo el que te devuelve la mirada es alguien que fu... START READING

Pirate Radio

Based on a true fact, the text talks about the danger of communication between an aircraft and the command tower when the radio frequency is intercepted by a pirate radio. START READING


Un universo donde todos los asesinos del cine de terror existen en el mismo universo. START READING

Tower Of Divinity

The seemingly endless tower created by a God calls many Warriors for whoever reaches the top will be given a prize. START READING

Until we meet again

"O que via nos sonhos eram memórias de uma vida passada muito distante, talvez em outro mundo — um mundo onde ele lutava pela sua vida, pessoas tinham poderes e Khun estava perdidamente apaixonado.... START READING