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Book III: Assault On The Heart — Family Love —

Book III of the Saga: Mob Heart. After overcoming all the obstacles that stood in their way and managing to leave the past behind: Alexei, the great Alpha who has succeeded in staying on top of th... LGBT+ START READING

Book II: Second Assault — Bond And Treason —

Book II of the Saga: Mob Heart. After being kidnapped, tortured, and humiliated, Xander has a hard time recovering from the trauma and depression he is deeply immersed in. Alexei remains by his... LGBT+ START READING

More than a broken mate

Violet a girl that never though that her life was a lie until her "Father" gave it away. What she never expect was that she was going to find her only and true love on the way. Teen Fiction START READING


Em busca de se redimir pelos seus crimes, Tiernan entra em uma jornada para resgatar a princesa desaparecida de Silverrain. Porém, enganado, ele leva para dentro do castelo um Azar, uma criatura qu... Fantasy START READING

X, cambiante (Historia interrumpida)

HISTORIA INTERRUMPIDA - Carino y Pete comparten estudios en la Suecia de mediados del siglo XXI, y hasta hace poco era lo único que compartían. Pero descubrir su verdadera naturaleza trazará una lí... LGBT+ START READING

Lupus Intus - o lobo interno

Cullowhee, Carolina do Norte, Estados Unidos, século XXI. Awaya é descendente da Nação Cherokee, a maior população indígena dos Estados Unidos. Fruto de mãe indígena e pai norte americano, Awaya ... Paranormal START READING