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In The End

Was it all really worth it? The pain. The feelings. The memories. In the End, it's them. ps: there are hidden messages you need to understand. It will be fun. Please note, this story contai... Fanfiction START READING

The Legacy of Avalon: The Boy, The Elder and The Sword

When the legend ends, adventure begins. Since the witch Morgan Le Fay decided to chase down and annihilate the remaining descendants of King Arthur, the Order of Excalibur sought to scatter them t... Fantasy START READING

Blossom in the Abyss

"Cuando tomaste esas flores te volviste mío, se la flor de mi oscuro abismo... Se mi reina" Mythology! AU Pairing: KookMin [Hades!Jeon Jung-Kook x Perséfone!Park Ji-Min] - NamJin - Sope - Other Ad... Fanfiction START READING

Creator of Man

The creator of man is betrayed by his own O criador dos homens esta traido por seus proprios Poetry START READING


Under the desert hot sun to the tangled branches of green forests. From the cold peaks of mountains to the dark depths of oceans. What an extraordinary our world is, full of mysteries and wonder... Fantasy START READING