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Hazard Online

It is finally time for the 25th World Raid in Hazard Online and team Nightmare is raising hell, when a glitch takes an unfortunate turn of events, or wasn't it a glitch? Aiden wakes up to som... Fantasy START READING


Rayd, un veterano y un conocido jugador de Teralian, el MMORPG del momento, comienza a tener extraños pensamientos sobre qué es lo realmente verdadero. ¿Un juego que te conduce a una realidad que d... Fantasy START READING

Aquamarine Sapphire Online

Aquamarine Sapphire Online is an fanfiction that takes place in the misadventures of Jianguo, Emily, Nate, Yuko, Hyun-a, Evan and Phuong into an MMORPG game, entitled Aquamarine Sapphire. This fanf... Fantasy START READING