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¿A qué sabe un beso? (KookTae)

Jungkook necesita saber a qué sabe un beso para terminar una canción que está escribiendo. Menos mal que Taehyung está dispuesto a ayudarlo. START READING

Clash Royale Academy:Royal Drama

Andrew and Kevin, royal princes, suddenly have landed in a place very unlucky to them. Clash Royale Academy. Over the course of the year things begin to spice up and cross the line. Can Kevin and ... START READING

Mrs. Samuels Teen obssesion

A 38 year old teacher name Mrs. Samuels that has the hots and feelings for 16 year old name Jamal, as she deal with other young boys that is Jamal's age. START READING

Shikhara's naked Mishap: the curse of the sarsorist

There is this girl named Shukara at a all girl school that has been strucked by a curse after visiting a phychic lady and the cures is that she would alway be naked and seen by all females students... START READING

The Nude art Model

A young man name Luke Author, who is always modest gets over fear of nudity as he get a job as a art figurative model which requires him posing in the nude in front of everyone. START READING