The Shawkin's Lab

Part of the Universe of Vijay~books This is story of how friends from Shawkin's High school saving their town "Shawkin". A solution from Shawkin lab was leaked, through that a mysterious creature formed.
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My Twin Bailey

Halley and Bailey are twins who were separated at a young age. When they reunite together again, the twins get kidnapped. As their kidnapped a series of events come into place.
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The Polyphonic Ringtones of the Damned

Moonbeam is an alcoholic Capuchin monkey working a human world of madness, fire, alcohol and hot-desking. Can he stay sober enough to find the person out to ruin his life?
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The Old Lady

Just once my dad missed a Christmas Eve with me. [Written to the MicroPanic contest] #thrillertime
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Today is the Day

Non Verified story Mike Hawkins has lost everything he cares about in his life. He doesn't know what to do anymore. Until!
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Super Squad-Book 1: Origin

A mysterious organization lurks in the shadows, a group of dysfunctional heroes team up to stop their evil plan. After delaying the plans of this shadowy group, Kacy battles for her company, Tobias fights for his life, and Alex learns the hard way what it means to be a hero. In the midst of the chaos, a serial killer vigilante brings an element ...
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The story of a doctor who learns to overcome his great fears
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The Paths We Take

Non Verified story Adventure vampire book
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The Fight For Love

Rose, a 24 -year-old girl who happens to be a member of the Elite Unit and who is still traumatized by events that happened in the past, gets a top-secret mission that will forever change her life. Will she get the opportunity to find out who is behind the crimes committed in the past? Will the love between her and a guy she met along the way su...
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The Heart of A Werewolf

Non Verified story Life was fine. Living with my and my younger brother Jimmy. Dad had died 9 years ago fighting for survival. His last words lit a fire in me: To be strong, courageous and have a big heart and that's what has designed my life today. Eventually, we pulled out of it but that was 3 years later and things aren't still fully back to normal. So lif...
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The Terminator Paradox — The 1999 Paradox: 4

Non Verified story 'The Truth sometimes hurts. But it's just a club. ” Paradoxes, a complex and thought-provoking topic that always arouses our curiosity and promises to knot our brains ... Previously, shortly after being able to figure out how to activate the time-jumping mechanisms on the mysterious device, Denny was faced with a technical-logistical obstacle. O...
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Kiara Kendrick is living a happy life in a world to herself. She is now in a high school where she encounters a boy, senior to her who changes her life completely. She has been kep away from the truth of her life. Her life is at stake. How can she trust someone when she can't trust her heart? Will the truth shatter her or strengthen her? Can sh...
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Non Verified story Isabelle is a student from Northern Virginia Academy, with her group of friends called Four-leaved clover. She has something bothering her everytime they have a gathering. She wants to see what was that but she can't. Not until she and her friends combined with another squad. Now, she can do what she wanted for a long time.
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A bomb hidden near a festival. A siren with secrets about his connections. A vampire with questionable motives. A werewolf who has to figure it all out before the town goes crazy. Trinity Vale is a small rural town in Midwestern America, population 2,500. Its pride and joy are the festivals it puts on to celebrate all walks of life: the werewo...
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Adventures of the Mourin Siblings.

Non Verified story This novel talks about Adventures of Princess Ella who belongs to the Atohama Kingdom.
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Dead unfaithful

Non Verified story The affects of what cheating can cause and aftermath of deceit.... Who's to blame???
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The island (English version)

1-Tom Wild, a 12 year old boy, and his grandmother go to Miami in a plane, but something happens and they fall on an island. Tom will have to discover that island little by little. 2-In an attempt to get somewhere, Tommy bequeaths to a town... Let's see what happens. 3-Tom Wild was born at the time and killed Tommy Wild. 4-Tom Wild in an attempt...
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Green Tea by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Based on the psychological complexities of human mind, the work is pervaded by a mysterious aura. A drink opens the inner eye of the protagonist. What follows is a mind-boggling tale of eeriness and reality.
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River Wide

Non Verified story A noise sounds behind me, in the dark part of the alley. A girl is screaming at a parked van. "Lukkah, you motherfucker! You stranded me back there!" The van door opens and they speak in hushed tones, until she renders her hand back, smacking him, gaining a gasp from me and causing them to turn their attention to me. "Naomi, Drew. Grab her. Now!"
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Isabelle, a normal girl who had a bored life started to develop a mental illnes that turned her into a maniac. She tell us the story about her feelings during the step from normal to crazy. In other words, why is she scare of herself.
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No excuses

Non Verified story I wrote this story for an assignment, using a headline from a newspaper. The story is about a little boy who is about to start at a new school. He realises that it's not like every other school he's been to.
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Colourblind Cleanup

There is a mess to clean up, but hey, is that blood? Oh no. Wait, where did the injured party go?
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Non Verified story pinterest poems 🧳📼
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The Serpent : Part 2

Non Verified story Finding out his wife cheated on him left him heading for work, and things started to happen to him. Sitting a sign leading out of town divided to keep on driving and never looked back.
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Flight of Courage

Join the journey of a woman and her child attempting to run away to safety from the abusive, controlling, husband and father they once thought loved them. Actions speak louder than words. Their lives will forever be changed if they are able to escape and it won't be easy. Understand why Adeline's present is the way it is, by learning about her p...
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Ski Mask

Non Verified story pinterest poems 😎
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Non Verified story It was a beautiful and sunny day in a small town called Willows Creek. Everyone here is friendly and kind towards each other. Until that faith day, their world was turned upside down. A couple of friends was walking from school, until one of them mentioned they should take a shortcut home. Naomi said, there is a that says NO TRESPASSING. Who giv...
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