Can a Corn

Non Verified story By Jess Walter
Short tale 4.4k views 1 Story completed


Non Verified story Scott McClanahan
Short tale 4.1k views In progress

Before the trip

Non Verified story By Adetokunbo Abiola
3 CHAPTERS 4.8k views 2 Story completed


Non Verified story By Mesha Maren
2 CHAPTERS 4.1k views 1 New chapter Every Thursday

Barnacles of the fuzz

Non Verified story By D.Foy
4 CHAPTERS 4.3k views New chapter Every Tuesday

The Nightingale and the rose

Non Verified story By Oscar Wilde
4 CHAPTERS 4.4k views New chapter Every Tuesday

The Mortal Immortal

Non Verified story By Mary Shelley
1 chapter 4.1k views 1 Story completed

The Undeniable Labyrinth

Non Verified story It has been more than two hundred years since the destruction of galactic civilization by the invasion of the Macros. Althea Ram, exile from a culture which survived the apocalypse, has been searching for answers amongst the lost worlds of the Consortia. Her past failures, Pyrrhic victories and dwindling resources have lead her to plan a despera...
16 CHAPTERS 17.7k views 7 3 New chapter Every Sunday

The Highline Highway

Non Verified story Nathan Oates
4 CHAPTERS 3.6k views 1 New chapter Every Wednesday

Jon and Maeve

Non Verified story By David Backer
Short tale 4.3k views 1 1 Story completed

Some kind of rugged genius

Non Verified story By Greg Bardsley
2 CHAPTERS 4.1k views New chapter Every Thursday

The God Hunters

Non Verified story A Commander, a pilot(?), and a soldier, fighting on different fronts of a war for the same faction. Their individual stories weave together to tell the myth of humanity's crusade. Their goal: to hunt down the gods of old and mold them into mechanical weapons of mass destruction.
6 CHAPTERS 16.6k views 1 2 New chapter Every Friday

The God in the Box by Sewell Peaslee Wright

Non Verified story In the course of his Special Patrol duties Commander John Hanson resolves the unique and poignant mystery of "toma annerson."
1 chapter 4.2k views Story completed

86 ways to cross one desert

Non Verified story by Alexander Lumans
Short tale 4.3k views 2 In progress


Non Verified story By Adam Wilson
Short tale 4.6k views 1 Story completed

A plain kiss (Letters to Allison 2006)

Non Verified story by jamie quatro
2 CHAPTERS 3.8k views 1 New chapter Every Tuesday

Birthright City

Non Verified story by Eliezra Schaffzin
5 CHAPTERS 4.1k views New chapter Every Wednesday

In the manner of water and light

Non Verified story Roxane Gay
3 CHAPTERS 4.6k views New chapter Every Tuesday


Non Verified story By Kyle Minor
4 CHAPTERS 3.7k views New chapter Every Tuesday

The anarchist of Darwin

Non Verified story by michael ramberg
Short tale 4.1k views In progress

Time Defiant

Non Verified story Another morning begins normally enough for Bill Tannins, but that begins to change once he accepts his dropped wallet from a pretty neighbor, Karen Hiller, who lives in the apartment below his. Before he can even set foot inside the building where he works, he finds out there's far more to Karen than he ever would have guessed from simply being...
Short tale 15.5k views 1 Story completed

The Mountain Population Is Me

Non Verified story By Shane Jones
2 CHAPTERS 4.8k views New chapter Every Tuesday

The Crystal Egg

Non Verified story BY: H.G. Wells The story tells of a shop owner, named Mr. Cave, who finds a strange crystal egg that serves as a window into the planet Mars.
Short tale 4.2k views 1 1 Story completed

The Velvet Glove by Harry Harrison

Non Verified story This classic short story from sci-fi luminary Harry Harrison offers a sympathetic glimpse into the inner lives of robots. In the future, society has grown ever more dependent on these super-intelligent machines, but despite their increasing autonomy, robots are still looked down on as second-class citizens. "The Velvet Glove" is a thought-provok...
1 chapter 4.2k views 1 Story completed

All Cats Are Gray by Andre Alice Norton

Non Verified story Under normal conditions a whole person has a decided advantage over a handicapped one. But out in deep space the normal may be reversed—for humans at any rate.
1 chapter 4.5k views 2 Story completed

Another terrible thing

Non Verified story By Catherine Laccy
Short tale 5.2k views 1 1 Story completed


Non Verified story By George Oliver Smith
2 CHAPTERS 4.0k views Story completed

Head down, palm up

Non Verified story Mitchell S. Jackson
Short tale 4.0k views 1 Story completed