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Impact of the AI
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The taste of the last bite

In a world devastated by a cataclysm, a history teacher tells her students about the origins of their traditions that give meaning to society. At the same time, she questions the fragility of existence and the hope placed in the opportunity to be alive.
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The Badlands: Brotherhood

Part of the Universe of The Badlands A man from Californex realizes fishing may no longer be his viable career path as the increase of different threats for the waters that have been making fishermen dissappear for a while now. Joining the Stormriders and proving his worth, he hopes to bring security back to Californex's main export business section.
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Kaden has to make a cure to end the apocalypse while zombies are beginning to become more and more powerful as it continues. Will Kaden find a cure? Or will he be torn to shreds by zombies? The best way is to... Find out... -PACKED WITH VIOLENCE Genre: HORROR, Post-apocolyptic.
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The Badlands: Kinship

Part of the Universe of The Badlands The Badlands, the worst area of the globe. The entirety of humanity is left to but far and few settlements across the globe. One man, decides to restore the old world, whatever it was, had to be better than this.
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Strange Infection

-currently on hold- (Book two of the Strange Series) Our lives depended on them to save us, but they failed us. Left us one-sided. We never asked for this. And because of their insecurities we suffer the consequences. The few of us left, have survived this. We will continue to fight. Until our bones can't anymore. Until our skins don't hold anymor…
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Strange Aftermath

Available on Amazon Kindle ---- we face a war, unknown to society, we face it in complete silence, everything falls apart, step by step, our lives depend on the survival skills we have, and our survival depends on the steps we take. If we quit now, there won’t be a tomorrow, and without the hope to face tomorrow, our future erupts.
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Bridge Street.

Who knew taking a bite out of a new monthly special dish would make you crave a different type of meat? Maybe being a vegetarian or vegan would save your flesh from rotting, but it’s up to you to protect yourself from undead Z’s craving for a tasty brain. You get to take a peak into the life of George—a chef who is determined not to become part of…
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Gray Aria [English]

We don't know when, we don't know how, and we don't know why, but something, or someone, tried to wipe out humanity, and it almost succeeded. That was centuries ago, and we know little about it. We don't understand the world we live in. We don't know why the sky is always gray, nor what are those giants of steel. But we survived, and one day, be s…
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Black.Smoking.Angel [English]

I'm no hero, I'm no martyr, and by no means I'm a victim. The people described on the next pages will only be good or bad depending on what the reader thinks of them. I, however... Some time ago I was a soldier, and I killed following orders, then I was a survivor and I killed for food. Later I was a mercenary and I killed for a better life, and t…
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The end of the world

The reaction of one Nepalese family when a learned sadhu prophesizes the end of the world.
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Apocalipse journal

(No, the title is not a typo. There's a reason it's wrong writen) Pandemic apocalypse is surely a thing. But, we all know, keeping the infected out is not the only worry. As time pass, stuff starts to lack: resources, security, other people, and sanity. As a coward who is stuck in a small group, they write down how they feel, so they can out i…
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After The Apocalypse

The present world hinges on the economical system based on MONEY, but this is changing. The present pandemic is pushing humanity to a new stage of development. The first thing that must change to reach that new level is the definition of value. From money (which has been loosing its meaning more and more from the arrival of the Industrial age) to …
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10 nuclei in a meat and bone mass

In a post-apocalyptic future, the earth was devastated by a nuclear war, humanity was forced to live in a small space free of radiation. Centuries later, energy weapons were created being less destructive in war. Rein Hasenton, is a skilled young man who has trained all his life, forced by his teacher, is assigned as his daughter's bodyguard, the …
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When they asked a scientist to create a new kind of ammunition, they got a lot more than they bargained for: bombs that cause literal explosions of flowers.
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The Caramel Coated Chaos

Furnished with two passable kidneys and a spirit of self-realisation, Ruskin Preece - that TunnelMonkey of no repute - is finally given a chance to leave his little hole of nothingness and rub shoulders with the Better Ones. Yet leaving his beloved home of Building 71 and going into the scorched chaos of Out brings its own velvety challenges. Howe…
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Forest of shadows

Non Verified story This book is my first about a boy called Xavier trapped in a forest, slowly uncovering the truth of the world in 2307.
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Installation Canon Printer Drivers Steps

Non Verified story At Canon Printer Drivers have never been easier to master, thanks to the professional team at Canon Printer who are always on standby to assist you with any queries or problems you might have.
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A poem on happiness

Non Verified story A poem on happiness
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The 7 Best Online Escrow Services Of December.

Non Verified story 7 best online escrow services of December. To help you make an informed decision, we have carefully curated a list of the best escrow services available this December.
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Non Verified story Don't run, Callida, I'll catch you." Callida is a human girl living in the harsh world of Desa. She is bound to Gaisgeil, the Lord of Desa, a cold and cruel ruler…or so it seems!? Can Callida accept the bond with her destined or will she deny it? One upon a time the earth was a warm place and humans lived a comfortable live. Now the earth is cold…
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What has the world become.

Non Verified story The end of the world began very unexpectedly, for all people. At the beginning, no one understood what happened, but in the future everything will become clear. The story comes from the face of a hero who grew up in the apocalypse, he narrates his path of searching for a person, passing through difficulties and memories along the way.
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Tierra de nadie

Non Verified story En el año 2030 un asteroide cayó en la tierra ¿ Que pasara ahora ?
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Tomorrow's Last Breath | an apocalyptic novel ©

Non Verified story New York, The Bronx, 2035 It is the year 2035. Valencia and her brother Henry are the only sole survivors of strange weather phenomenons - the Great Destruction - to their knowledge. Until they are proven wrong. When a stranger makes an appearance in their neighborhood, it is clear that they believed in lies. As times get harder, it is Valencia's …
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The End is the beginning

Non Verified story Frank is arrested for a crime he didn't commit and is sentenced in prison when a deadly virus spreads around the globe forcing Frank to snap into reality and rescue his family from this. Can be trust anyone and will it be an easy journey for him?
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What's Beyond The Impossibility?

Non Verified story An inspirational work to motivate people who often despair and leave the front and get frustrated , lose the spirit of doing a great assignment projected for the future . In this piece of work I have cited my own experiences and knowledge I gathered from this beautiful earth.
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Do I Need VPN On My iPhone?

Non Verified story The use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) is becoming increasingly popular among smartphone users.
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When the Hunter gets hunted.

Non Verified story Lost world's, robots, one final choice, what would you do?
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