A painful goodbye
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Edgar Allan Poe Poetry

Some of Edgar Allan Poe's poetry
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11:11- In hope of expressing my feelings for you, I wrote this.
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The Dream Factory

Non Verified story Like an phoenix i will RISE again , higher and higher... Emerging from my fallen burned ashes i will emerged and claim my throne again. - Soul-Spirit I do not own the copyright of this book. Author of this book is (Soul Spirit)
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Depressed teen

A story in poetic form which tells how a depressed teenager feels when he/she has no one to understand him/her.
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Dedicated to Adriana.
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I Wrote You

Dedicated for the silly and the strong whose bodies lay static on bathroom floors and whose souls float byond the galaxy. For you, lovely soul.
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In the Silence of the Night

I know why you are screaming I taste the pain Yes i feel you
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Included in: Assinatura Padrão ($3/month)

The Dying Man

What would it be like to experience death?
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You and I

A Poem for Mothers
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Journey Through the World Of Poetry.

Non Verified story This book is presented to you for entering the new world of poetry. It is a very short book that you can read in 5 minutes. Trust me that investment of 5 minutes will benefit your mindset. All the poems in this book are realistic and they are written on real life topics. So make sure , you read this book very carefully.
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Poem for lonely souls part ll
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Non Verified story This is my short peom about Corona , so sorry that I deleted the one I wrote before, now get your favourite poem with much love for you all readers and rating me high.
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My Life thoughts.

This is where it all started. The time to let everything out. Everyone has their own way how they cope with their feelings. I came to a point that i began to acknowledge that what i feel is worth something. That worth can change things, people and so much more. Instead of overthinking about everything and keeping it to myself. I hope it will enc...
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Behind These Eyes

Part of the Universe of HeldWithin Non Verified story Depression does not discriminate. It infiltrates any mind that be vulnerable. There is no defense, no cure. I myself have been battling sever depression for 6 years now. A little over a year ago I was losing my grip on the will to live. That is when writing presented itself to me. I say it that way because writing had never been present in my ...
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War of the Stat

Non Verified story This is a poem I wrote fora book of mine called "The war of the Union". It was written in about 20 minutes.
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The day fantasy almost jumped out the window

When we are in front of the mirror in the crucial second ... Will this be a good day?
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Sing To Me Momma

Sometimes carrying a song is enough...
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abandoned pics ?

Non Verified story pinterest poems 🥊
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Prison In Our Minds

A prison dwells in us.
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Non Verified story A poem on being scared to show love to an individual
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just got an inspiration for a poem :)
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The songs of my heart

Non Verified story Some of them were written in the almost forgotten past. Some of them bring back fresh memories. What do they have in common? They all came from the deepest corner of my heart. Singing about the love. About the man... However, they all brought just sweet memories and past.
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Non Verified story Let me write down my thoughts and fears before I burst out with insecurities.
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Tears, Love & Friends

Non Verified story Out of her misery, I was born. For what purpose and for who, I was not sure yet. But one thing I knew was that my tragedy was already molded by the hands of the woman I call mother. A collection of poems + Bonus short story
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Listen To Me Dear

Non Verified story " The wound is where the light enters you.." ~ Jalaludheen Rumi ~ ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ A collection of poems that I hope will uplift you.. Just Listen to me Once..❤
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Once in a blue moon

Inspiration coming out from a January full moon.
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Drug Abuse

Non Verified story Drug Abuse is the most common issue in today's society. Teenagers mostly get involved in it. Smoking, drinking Alcohol, etc. may result in death. So, please avoid them.
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