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Non Verified story Added stories of astro-traveling and non-astro-traveling tales that I did.
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Tales of Astrotraveling

This happened as a teen. I prayed for power to astro-travel and in return I would write a book to give God glory. I tried at times to publish it but no success. Here is that book.
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Of Love And War

the world has changed in a very strange way- after one of the world's biggest conspiracies has been unfolded, humankind finds itself face to face with a world of werewolves and other cryptids. Luckily humans had developed their own army that could fight werewolves, it is called the R.A.Ws (Rise Against Werewolves). Rain is a typical human girl w...
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Satan's Bible

Non Verified story The bible of Satan that demons refer to.
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Non Verified story This is a test to see any differences.
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Perception Immaculate

Non Verified story Do children have a sixth sense; can they realize what adults cannot and is beyond this life? This mini-story is a short account of this possible condition.
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Common Restrictions Applied To Low Wagering Casino Bonuses in the UK

Non Verified story Gambling is a major market in the UK, where they have set an authority to regulate how casinos operate
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The Drive

A man, haunted by his past, drives his daughter home from Johannesburg to George for the holidays. Their trip becomes more strange as they travel between Willowmore and Uniondale, South Africa's most haunted stretch of road.
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Non Verified story pinterest poems 🤣
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Non Verified story This ..isn't the norm but it is what it is and that's what it was...least that's the story. Fucking ghosts
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the VANILLA Review

Non Verified story Interview with a man that has been....
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Bad Boy Love

Non Verified story Casey is a boy looking for his mate and in the story he gets hurt. Then meets Julia
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Metaphysical Madness

Non Verified story A deeply intimate examination of a young man's struggle with the nature of his reality. The protagonist suddenly decides to leave his home and embark on a journey across the United States because he believes the universe is asking him to. After a near-death experience, the young man ends up living on the Navajo Indian reservation located withi...
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On spirtiual matters

Non Verified story The spirit world in a nutshell.
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Mirror People

Non Verified story As an undergraduate college student struggling with anxiety and demanding family life, Julieta can't help but feel at her lowest when her classmates isolate her during a field trip to the lands of an Indigenous community. When her legs start feeling strange and a mysterious entity appears to tell her of imminent danger, Julieta realizes she need...
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Non Verified story This is the story of Karrowpie. His life as an angel and then as a demon.
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Never Enough Drugs To Stay Happy

Non Verified story pinterest poems 🤫
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The Mystery Guy

Non Verified story Talara king a regular high school teenager meets a mystery guy that goes by the name jace cullen what can happen in their Adventure of romance and hate.
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His Blind Mate

Non Verified story I wanted to leave. Disappear into the crowds as another nameless face and forget about the pain this pack inflicted. I thought things would be better when my mate found me. Unfortunately, he proved to be like the rest of them. So, I freed myself. By the Goddess’s blessing, I escaped that miserable place. That is, until he found me yet again. And...
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The Silver Seed

A man is at his cubicle, waiting to commit suicide. A mysterious stranger appears to intervene but not for the reason you may think...
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"The Stein and the Studebaker: Book 1 of the Norseman Chronicles"

This synopsis to my in-progress novel of "The Stein and the Studebaker: Book 1 of the Norseman Chronicles" summarizes how my main character, Peter Olson, is drawn into circumstances for which he has no frame of reference, no life experience to guide him. My intent is to finish writing this story around mid-July of 2017.
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Social Media – The Great Equalizer

Non Verified story Media has come to be referred to as the Fourth Estate in the 19th century. The origin of the term can best be explained within the context of the medieval estates of the realm. In medieval society, three estates were formally recognized: the clergy, the nobility, and the commoners. Each estate had a very distinct social role and a certain level ...
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Heaven or Hell?

Non Verified story Hey everyone! In this story (Philosophy) I am making Heaven and Hell a clear topic for you! It's going to be fun😀....... No, actually Mysterious!😲😫😱🦊🦉
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Music Box

Non Verified story Music Box Money on bread to power that lead to destruction on desire. Desire of pain they cherished on it to went on. It of there darkness of plans to live on. The scams on there past decisions in life in the present is coming back to bite. Bit so hard it won't go like a shark. What they released was a mistakes. Mistakes we make. On try...
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Brothers 2

Non Verified story He just wanted to be loved
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Non Verified story The in-between worlds sweeps every mind
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Affair with the Alpha King

Non Verified story Twenty-five-year-old Adhira Chawla is happy with her life as Beta to the Alpha King, Liam. Living with her family and friends, Adhira's world is thrown upside down when Liam's wife, Casey is put in a coma. Liam enlists Adhira to help him find the person responsible, but Adhira doesn't expect to fall in love with Liam, or that her feelings would ...
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The Monkey's Paw

The Monkey's Paw" is a supernatural short story by author W. W. Jacobs first published in England in 1902. In the story, three wishes are granted to the owner of the monkey's paw, but the wishes come with an enormous price for interfering with fate.
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