The skittering of rats

Drip, drip, drip… oh, the dripping! Please, please help me! Please, I beg, I plead! PLEASE! *cough* n-no… you were t-too late…
12 CHAPTERS 1.1k views 11 4 New chapter None

The Curse

EVERY TWO CHAPTER WILL BE PUBLISHED AT THE WEEKEND. A thief who went to rob a house which belonged to a mischievous family. As everyone believed that the family is very rich and a mystery thing is hidden in their house. But, no one knows what is inside it and what it is.
7 CHAPTERS 439 views 5 New chapter Every week

Horror & Lore One Shots Anthology

Some of the most terrifying creatures from lore emerge to terrify along with the darker elements of human nature to provide some unsettling situations. Including blackmail, monsters, and terrifying discomfort. 01 - THE MASQUERADE 02 - THE WRONG ONE 03 - SHE BELONGS TO ME 04 - NIGHTMARE MAN 05 - A TWISTED SATYR
7 CHAPTERS 4.9k views 9 Story completed

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RECKIUM based a secreted seal, where a true evil awaits humanity and the dimensions of realms. There will be bloodshed through the cosmos, where heaven will reach its limits to save humanity.
3 CHAPTERS 2.6k views 3 2 New chapter Every Friday

The Terror of Blue John Gap. By Arthur Conan Doyle

The story comprises the adventures of a British doctor, recovering from tuberculosis, who goes to stay at a Derbyshire farm looking for rest and relaxation, becomes entrapped in a series of sinister events and is forced to uncover the mysteries surrounding "Blue John Gap" and the "Terror" that lurks within it.
1 chapter 6.2k views In progress

I'm sorry, Jon

As the night grows darker, Jon must find Garfield. What he doesn't know is, Garfield found him.
Short tale 11.1k views 2 7 Story completed

Gluttonous Creatures

Non Verified story Nora watches the world crumble as those Gluttonous Creatures grow.
2 CHAPTERS 64 views New chapter Every 30 days

They Come From The Hills

Non Verified story An old farmer notices disturbing signals around his land and fears that something might be very wrong.
Short tale 34 views Story completed

The Ranch (custom music (editing))

Non Verified story David Hughes, an old man, is subject to increasing boredom as his life is uneventful. He lives in a small town in Utah where the KKK is running rampant and he is a black man. He needs an escape. A woman by the name of Samantha Kates gives him what he believes he wants, a job at a ranch researching paranormal and supernatural activity. David di...
11 CHAPTERS 258 views Story completed


Non Verified story Ian Lancaster has an unfortunate encounter with a creature from his closet.
Short tale 332 views Story completed


Non Verified story This is a story roughly based off of the Roblox game, Nightmares.
3 CHAPTERS 1.5k views New chapter Every 10 days

What's Under The Bed?

Non Verified story A girl's dog dies, and then her little brother, and finally, herself. Trisha, her brother Josh, and her dog, Rocky, are all on a quest to find out what killed them, so that they may have access to heaven. Their older brother, Matt, is now in prison for the murders of his little sister, little brother, and animal cruelty. Trisha is set out to fin...
3 CHAPTERS 1.3k views New chapter Every 2 days

Is it Safe to Use Open Eye Hemp Relief?

Non Verified story Open Eye Hemp Relief - The non-psychoactive piece in Cannabis, CBD has been uncovered to have different obliging great conditions, particularly for those individuals who are creating or experiencing undeniable basically affirmed illnesses. The important impacts of this hemp fixing are physical, neurological, and mental moreover. Plus, the CBD in...
1 chapter 1.1k views Story completed
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Non Verified story 2 young adults go hunting in the woods to stumble upon an old cabin with dark secrets
Short tale 724 views Story completed

The darkest land

Non Verified story A Evil queen, Darkstar, wants to take down three kids, Aisha, Jake and Mary Rose down. She finds a way to rule the world but, the kids will take her down and she will die.
1 chapter 1.1k views New chapter Everyday

Terror town

Non Verified story A few friends uncover a dark past from their town
3 CHAPTERS 1.9k views 1 New chapter Every week

The Echoes of Pan de Monium

Non Verified story «If I told you that only a fertile land would suffice and Men with many ambitious desires, to Create hell would you believe Me?» Nazari Salas Letter 6, Line 5 It was the lines that called the attention of Virginia Martinez in the last letter that her husband sent her since his departure, three months have passed since these enigmatic lines and ...
2 CHAPTERS 1.9k views New chapter Every Friday

Into The Backrooms

Non Verified story If you're not careful and no-clip out of reality in wrong areas, you'll end up in the Backrooms, where it's nothing but the stink of moist carpet, the madness of mono-yellow, and endless background noise of fluorescent lights at maximum hum-buzz, and approximately six hundred million square miles of randomly segmented empty rooms to be trapped i...
1 chapter 2.2k views 1 New chapter Every 2 days

𝒽𝒾𝓈 𝓅𝒶𝓇ℯ𝓃𝓉𝓈 𝓇ℴℴ𝓂...

Non Verified story A boy who has issues with his dead parents and soon to be multiple adopted parents.
1 chapter 2.2k views New chapter Every 10 days

Daughters Father's Promsie

Non Verified story His daughter last dying words whispered in his ear before she gagged on choked on her blood dying in his arms, made him cry of sorrow to the top of his lungs crashing to his knees with her dead body. He was promised of her. Could he keep that promise?
1 chapter 2.3k views New chapter Everyday


Non Verified story 1 story out of multiple
1 chapter 2.6k views New chapter Every 30 days