Angel in disguise

A " Demon" Turns the paranormal world rightside up. This is from my own personal theory. This is only for fun, sorry if it doesn't make sense. ( The art on the cover is NOT mine! All credit to the original owner! Art was found on Google! )
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Perception Immaculate

Do children have a sixth sense; can they realize what adults cannot and is beyond this life? This mini-story is a short account of this possible condition.
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Brokshire Manor

This is a short story: The year is 1920, Eleanor moves into an English home with her daughter Elizabeth. After only a few days Eleanor begins to believe the home is haunted. Though Eleanor’s stay at the countryside manor is strange will she stay or will she run? After learning that the previous owner had disappeared after strange events began oc...
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Lost in Seasons

Choose your own adventure-style story occurring in an alternate dimension
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Gemini Keto Gummies

Non Verified story diets is a diet in which a person eats ketones consisting of food that is enriched with fat. Mainly ketones are found in fat consisting food. While this revolution weight loss supplement has made the keto diet easy by involving dexterity of the keto diet in small Gummies.
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ViaKeto Gummies Canada

Non Verified story Official Website....
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Non Verified story
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El Elevador

Non Verified story Cómo llegué aquí?
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Academy of Sanguinary Arts

Non Verified story Have you ever wondered how angel's and demons get their wings? Come with Sycho D'arcy and his five other siblings, as we know them, the Seven heavenly Virtues. Tophet, Seraphic and Anima are terms for the Three tiers of kings and queens that judge the "students" or newly formed demons, spirits and those who have recently died to see if they are ...
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Hungry Human Homeless Haters

Non Verified story I currently live in this park in Brookesmeade Charlotte Pike Nashville Tennessee. Homeless girl here people are trying to push it out and I just want to get my side of it plus I like writing about this truth and say right about or not things they say about it so not true they wire the system to believe whatever they can make you believe by doing...
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the VANILLA Review

Non Verified story Interview with a man that has been....
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Mirror People

Non Verified story As an undergraduate college student struggling with anxiety and demanding family life, Julieta can't help but feel at her lowest when her classmates isolate her during a field trip to the lands of an Indigenous community. When her legs start feeling strange and a mysterious entity appears to tell her of imminent danger, Julieta realizes she need...
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The Mystery Guy

Non Verified story Talara king a regular high school teenager meets a mystery guy that goes by the name jace cullen what can happen in their Adventure of romance and hate.
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Heaven or Hell?

Non Verified story Hey everyone! In this story (Philosophy) I am making Heaven and Hell a clear topic for you! It's going to be fun😀....... No, actually Mysterious!😲😫😱🦊🦉
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Teddy Fuxbin

Non Verified story In this chapter we learn about the birth of Fuxbin and you never know, in the next chapter he may run away! 😲🤗🙂
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Aberrant Anecdotes

Non Verified story Ed is who he says he is, a person as simple as his name. Being four percent ghost grants him limited telekinetic abilities after an event that happened 2 years ago. With little social tact he mostly speaks to his demon-possessed teddy bear, Wellington, and an annoying witch who goes by the name "Bookworm". Noticing an abundance of missing animal...
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