My Father's Journals

Javier and Emily are devastated after their parents' death. Two separate events, two completely different situations, but with the same grim consequences. They return home, grief-stricken, dejected, and overwhelmed, to fulfill their last wishes. Among the boxes full of belongings collected through their lost lives, they come across a series of j...
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Non Verified story 36. The number of years it took a particular set of players to develop the character you'll either love or hate.
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Separate body and soul as water and oil.
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Non Verified story If you are being fed and cared for why do ask for more? To stone the tree while it provides for you is greed!
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Famous Astrologer in Bangalore

Non Verified story
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The Broken Wings of Forgiveness

In the search for the unknown enemy, Michael comes across something more powerful than what he can handle. Driven by a vengeful spirit, he seeks for help from someone he feels would have been in a better position to stop the tragedy that befalls him. The battle he faces brings him to a crossroad, now he must choose between his purpose and desire.
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BPM100 Playbook

Non Verified story Learn How To Make $100-$500 a Day, Just By Sharing A Phone Number. Also, Learn How To Get People To Literally Throw Money At You! This All Works For Any Business.
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My Exceptional Sister

I always knew my sister was outstanding. I was not prepared to see how exceptional she was until the last day I saw her.
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One step at a time

A true story about an overweight woman who started training for a marathon with Oprah's trainer.
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A sincere cover letter…

Non Verified story A cover letter I’d really like to submit in job applications...
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˙·٠•●♥ Oneness ♥●•٠·˙

Non Verified story Be in charge of who you are and know the human who deserves everything! This human must have a mind it belongs to, a body that deserves care, a soul that has spiritual needs, and heart.. that welcomes compassion and gives same.
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train trucks

Non Verified story you...
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Historias para el Atardecer

Non Verified story El atardecer tiene aroma a vida .........
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The Properties of Uniformitarianism

The truth about the weirdos.
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Dos muertes y un amor

Non Verified story Amarse
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Time flies with us

Non Verified story Humans feelings are varied time to time, it's not because of themselves, it's because of the peoples who surrounded them. Changing oneself for others satisfaction is becoming too normal in the world. You know, we all are changed many masks without any tiredness, All of sudden, after changing a huge masks, ones heart terribly affected and turns i...
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A letter to my friend

Non Verified story Esta es una carta que le escribí a mi mejor amigo, alguien muy especial. Espero haber plasmado lo importante que es para mí.
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A Gift of Aloha, Ahava, and Love

My brother Kealiihoomalu Kealohapauole wrote this book. I am a humble typist. I am mentioned in the book too. Enjoy the names of God witnessed by my brother.
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Personal Blog

Non Verified story This story is about my personal spiritual practices
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Alone Today.

Non Verified story Children are pressurised today. They are asked to do what they can't. Their pressure forces them to play games all night or get drug addict.
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A pandemic letter

Non Verified story Short letter about pandemic feelings
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Non Verified story Este vale a pena ler, venho contar uma pequena história real de minha vivencia, nela conto um pouco dos meus medos e coragens, meus jeito destemido e honrado, bom espero que gostem... <A history by me > Medos? Temores? Julgamentos?como posso descrever esse meu pequeno livro?,bom para começar teremos de que voltar ao passado e conta-lo passo...
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The right to happiness, free choice and your own style

Non Verified story Style is the best visual form of communication, knowing how to use which, we can tell more about ourselves to others. Every person needs this tool of self-expression.
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A bit of metaphysics

Non Verified story This book is intended to understand the metaphysical meaning of the universe.
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Biography on Asha Parekh

Non Verified story Biography on Asha Parekh
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Database Assignment Help - No more stress for Database Homework submission

Non Verified story Database Design Techniques/Database Design Projects
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After several difficult stages of my mind, I've found ways to return to myself. I have arrived to a place of pausing, breathing, questioning my own heart, living life as now. I have found my mission in this magic universe. And that is to do things because of love. To write because of love. To dance because of love. To talk because I love and I'...
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