The Amazons

An elderly explorer tells a story to his son on his deathbed about a hidden society of giant women living deep in the Amazon jungle that he had discovered in his youth. His last dying wish is for his son to go back and personally deliver a letter to their Queen. When he finally arrives he is thrust into civil unrest and a possible war brewing be...
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The cliched fairytale ending, twisted by the antagonist. It’s not your story if you can’t even narrate it, porcelain doll.
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Hi, my name is Blayze. I'm a experienced martial artist and elite class swordsman.Well guys you know. My task is to hunt down monsters. All kind of monsters like: dragons, ogre's and oversized snakes.
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Esmee is the famous mermaid in her town of Levanto. When she returns to Portorosso, she meets up with old faces and opens a new door to questions she never expected to find the answers for.
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Royal Arcanum (Book 0.1 of The Arcanum Revelation Series)

Royals have secret, as much as anyone else’s. 17-year-old Cathy Charlotte thought that her mom still keeping a secret about their family. Until one day, odd things are starting to happen—the white hair girl who has been haunted her dreams is coming to reality as their so-called distant relative—Sylvia Elle who acts all strange and mysterious. M...
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The woman who became a jaguar

Non Verified story Any Gabrielly is not a normal woman. With the same blood as her mother, she turns into a jaguar, every time she gets angry.
1 chapter 15 views New chapter Every Wednesday

Biologic Trim Keto ACV Gummies

Non Verified story Biologic Trim Keto ACV Gummies
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Alpha Force Prostate Formula (NEW 2022!) Does It Work Or Just Scam?

Non Verified story Alpha Force Prostate Formula
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Oprah Winfrey Health Weight Loss Supplement

Non Verified story https://oprah-winfrey-weight-loss-diet-supplements.jimd...
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Prima Afslankpillen Netherlands Buy Now

Non Verified story lijkt een product voor gewichtsverlies te zijn, aangezien klanten verbluffende resultaten hebben gemeld. Het grootste voordeel van de afslankoplossing van Prima Weight Loss Pills Netherlands is dat het geen chemicaliën bevat en daarom geschikt is voor dagelijks gebruik. Daarnaast is bewezen dat de capsules effectief en efficiënt zijn.
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Rockwerx Male Enhancement

Non Verified story Rockwerx Male Enhancement is a daily supplement for men's sexual health that contains a blend of herbal extracts. Buy Rockwerx For Good Sexual Life with no side effects & its naturally safe! Buy Now -
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Advanced Appetite Fat Burner Canada

Non Verified story Advanced Appetite Fat Burner Canada is a fat-consuming enhancement that smothers your appetite and assists you with getting more fit. Every one of the elements of the Advanced Appetite weight reduction supplement contain detoxifying and appetite stifling properties, which help in quicker fat consume.
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Kostas's Odyssey

Non Verified story Kostas is a young man looking to fulfill his dream of traveling the Greek world. His journey begins in Kythera and spans the whole of Greece. The Greek world is in turmoil with the events of Thermopylae in recent memory. The Persians seek another attack, but the Greek world isn't ready. Doomed to fight and die in a war he has no control of, Kost...
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Non Verified story A couple is separated by ones greedy mind and in another life they are being separated by the same person . will the couple be together ?
3 CHAPTERS 575 views New chapter Every Thursday

A Tale of an Amalgam

Non Verified story I was Takeda Kuroha in my past life. I had a normal life, normal family and friends, all normal. Until the Student Council President, Nobunaga Oda-san, suddenly stabbed me with a knife. After killing me, he committed suicide and ended his life right there. When I woke up, I was already in a fantasy world blessed by the gods and greeted by a blo...
3 CHAPTERS 693 views New chapter Every 2 days

Blue Eyes Grey Eyes

Non Verified story Natalia Morales, a 17 year old High Schooler, lives in a society where people can only have blue eyes and green eyes. People with brown or black eyes get tortured and sent to prison, and those with grey eyes, get executed. Natalia's life as a child is awesome. She is naturally born with blue eyes, so she is more than welcome to live, but one ...
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The Red Scorpion

Non Verified story Red Scorpions is an elite assassins sect in Gifu. They are known for their ruthless, merciless, and brutality. Uniquely, this sect have been disappeared for hundred years, but now they are terrorising Gifu.
6 CHAPTERS 1.8k views 2 New chapter Every Wednesday

The snow-haired girl (Pilot)

Non Verified story Soleil is so difficult to take between hands, if it were not for the fault of the ancient humans our planet would still be alive. So would you let me tell you the story of how I ended up here if they were to blame? It is updated on Mondays Translator from Spanish to English: bulletsofvala (Instagram)
2 CHAPTERS 994 views New chapter Every Monday

Mystic mountain

Non Verified story This is an interesting story about Jasmine's journey out of mystic mountain by solving mysteries and making new friends but also encountering danger on the way
2 CHAPTERS 3.1k views New chapter Every week

The Magic Men

Non Verified story Beginning a story set in a fantasy world, with technology similar to the 1890s. The story aims to show a disconnect between nations that rely on magic for warfare and those that rely on technology. The first chapter is finished and I am looking for feedback to make it better and continue, if its worth reading.
1 chapter 1.5k views New chapter Every Sunday

Dead love never ends

Non Verified story U can kill me beat me use me for sport or even rape. But in the end I will make u my bitch dog. My love is on every level and time frame welcome to the multi universes . You might be able to persuade me but I highly doubt it. Read on and join me in my time make mommy proud.
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My projects. On Sherlock Holmes. A new book

Non Verified story Sherlock Holmes
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The Knight's Promise

Non Verified story Isaac is a simple man, trying to lead a simple life. Or as simple as life can get for a professional conman but that is neither here nor there. Of course, all of that changes when a mysterious man comes crashing into his life..... literally.
1 chapter 2.6k views New chapter Every 15 days

The cycle of revenge

Non Verified story It’s about a man who build this village where Bradley lives and many things start going on in this village. Everything’s starts because of a betrayal and them the villages was cursed . Many incidents happened.
Short tale 2.7k views Story completed