The Two-Headed Dragon

A GTP-generated story about a duel between a mage knight and a two-headed dragon
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The Enfranchisement

Synopsis: This little novel is an example of a fiction that develops from a fantasy to a science fiction. Much of the adventure is psychological. The story is told in two acts in an autobiographical tone so that the reader identifies with the hero and immerses himself in the middle of the events. The syntax used is very easy, and the language re...
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Join Hobo as he searches the ghost town of Last Chance to find out what happened to his great-grandfather and his lost last will. The Journey does not finish there, are much more lies ahead of you and Hobo like bringing life back to Last Chance the way your great-grandfather wants it to and conquering the castle in the distance. There are two w...
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Sons of Eden

At the brink of an apocalypse, the fate of two worlds rest upon Vaan and Blaine's shoulders. Across scorching deserts of ash, and turbulent, bloody seas, they set to reclaim their rightful throne and heal the scars of ruin. All while learning the truth as they piece together their dark and shrouded heritage. This is their tale. A tale of two t...
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Part of the Universe of Silverwolf Nyla was walking home from work when she ran in to her boss who Nyla found to be very hot. they drove back to her apartment where things started getting interesting. The next day when Nyla got to work, her boss was waiting for her with a job offer. Nyla excepted the offer not now how much it would change her life.
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Valiant Phantasm

A brave boy who just wanted to live a simple life and a stubborn girl who didn’t know what to do with her own. Intertwined fates, as the silver-eyed one and calamity approach.
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The Blood Family: Book And One

The stories about the first supernatural, how they became who they are. this story follow the story of Anniessa the queen of vampires. The life that she wants and the life her grandmother wants.
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The promise of the Sun and Moon

In a world of technology and mysticism, ancient beings control the destinies of nations and individuals. Promises made at birth and powerful gifts take ordinary children and thrust them into actions that change them into the building blocks upon which new realities are constructed.
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Rise of Lord of Chaos

Draul was an orphan, sent to live with his uncle in the city of Allimar. He was the only Dark Elf in the city. One day, the city is overrun with Goblins and Mountain Trolls, meanwhile, at the Tower of Balance, the tower that stood in the middle of Allimar, the Sacred Orb of Balance is removed. Then without warning, the tower, thought destro...
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Clan Game

Werewolves, witches, fae, and hunters have been united in clans since ancient times in order to survive. Their lives often overlap, giving rise to conflicts. Within the walls of School 3, there are more than just humans. And they have no idea what game the clans are playing in secret.
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Ricardo's escape

Ricardo had a good life before the man clad in gold came along. Now even he lost contact with his two sisters. All he has now is his odd friend Shamus as they attempt to navigate such a gauntlet.
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The Mighty Antimagic Spell

Who would expect a story titled ANTIMAGIC to be about wizards, mystical creatures and fantastic, unusual adventures? Yet, it really is ... It's even more than that. You'll see if you read the story, that there is, beside all this, a spell, mightier than the strongest spells ever, even than Abracadabra. Yes, ANTIMAGIC is the most powerful magi...
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My Fantasy Dream Life ( Preview )

Reminder : this is just a preview
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A World Of Magic

A girl, Jess, keeps dreaming about a fantasy world, but her dad doesn't believe her. She meets her friends Lilly, Slya, and Amara in The Kingdom Of Kimesin. They show her something wonderful! Read the story to see what happens next!
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Hitomu and the Mountain of Secrets

As a young child Hitomu Fujiki wasn't like any ordinary child... he was rather quite odd. At a young age his parent passed away, his mother's friend; Ms. Sakurai took care of him. A few years had gone by and Ms. Sakurai passed away. Before she did, her last words to Hito were "At the age of 16, you shall live on the house in the mountains." Now ...
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Ice Fire

They called him evil, ruthless, cruel, incapable of mercy. Colder than anything in the realm of winter. Dark as the night sky in the realm of eternal darkness. He was unforgiving, forsaken and long past the point of redemption. He was real and he was here. Iyra couldn't believe the tales were true even after accounts of so many saying he was th...
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The Four Wheel Saga

In the continent of Kinenhi, ravaged by past conflict and war, an age of peace and harmony has endured for years. Trade and commerce are flourishing among the six village nations. In the warrior village- Karasuma, the Legacy Trials are about to begin, which tests the mettle of the young and uninitiated. A host of budding warriors train to conten...
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Royal Blood

Anaya, once promised a throne and then disappointed with a husband, Rualyn. The two find themselves in an alliance, one finding purpose in revenge and the other finding home in love. As they begin their life together, the Fae and Wizards kill, throwing their kingdom into chaos. Anaya must chose, which she loves more, her husband or revenge on th...
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Somewhere Between Magical And Real

As a siren, Calliope was perfectly content with just hooking up with other supernaturals and partying. Then she discovers she has a lot of powers that other sirens don't. And someone wants her dead for it... Can she and her supernatural friends stop this mystery person before it's too late? Join them as they go on their journey, meeting monster ...
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It's Back?

The story is about four high school friends who fight against a force with their special abilities coming in handy. The force is from another dimension, another world, and it's portal has been opened again.
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The hanging garden that moves north

For Ayana her life seems very boring. A house full of people and no peace. She lives in a big beautiful house with tons of things. However she’s never been truly happy. Until a boy comes into the picture. Crisanto is Ayana’s neighbor he’s always happy and has something to do. But things get a little exciting when the two get to know each other. ...
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Finding Her Destiny

"As his tongue slid in between mine I felt as if I could have melted into his arms. Just from his touch my mind was sent into a dizzy and confused state. He left a trail of sparks down my body as he made his way to my shorts. I arched my back as his finger slid inside of me......" Charlotte Rose is the next future queen of the Crescent pack in ...
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A story that has been told countless times, but never quite like this. A queer Cinderella retelling which focuses on self-discovery and acceptance. A soft, wonderous tale that is bound to leave you with a warm feeling.
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The Adventures of Mia Walker

A girl wakes up in a forest but doesn't know how she got there.
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My boyfriend is a vampire

Starla fell in love with a boy named zenith she is narrating how she fell in love with this vampire boy who go in the same exact school but in different worlds. She was curious to see what's on the other side of the school hallways and why zenith acting strange towards her when it comes to a bandaid. She never told her family yet she is datin...
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The Golden Star

A book on struggle in life of a boy in his race to the top.
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Included in: The Golden Star (‎€3/month)

Sovran of the White Dragon

Velda Olwen... a newly grown girl whose other part of her soul was snatched from her twin as a baby. A Nem. Queen Olwen separated Velda from her real family and country and, by agreement, dragged her to Salta, the country where she ruled. But unlike everything else, Velda is living a happy life here. With a letter from her birthday and a gif...
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The Author

A young lady goes to sleep every night but is always having a dream where she saves people. Little dose she know that the people she saves are real people!
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