Someone to You (A Korean TeenFic)

Seo Joon Jae, the average Korean highschool lanky 18-year old who is kinda introverted but has the ability to keep friends. What's more disturbing is the fact that he's gay but doesn't have an idea about his own sexual orientation, which is also kinda weird. When his friend from ten years ago begins to share a room with him, he soon starts to f...
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Optimus Gel - За бол и повреде

Non Verified story Оптимус Гел је нови квалитетан производ који обједињује најновија научна достигнућа која заувек ублажавају и отклањају болове у зглобовима, костима и мишићима! Наручите данас са 50% попуста!
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