The Collision between Light and Darkness

Non Verified story Rizz is a normal girl in her early 20s , who was studying medicine. On her 22nd birthday she discovers her hidden special abilities and with her best friend Jackson's help she enters into an unknown magical world , where everyone is born with magical superpowers. How will the future events unfold to Rizz in that magical realm?
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Scarfil Expanse

In a World where Factions exist. In a World where Water has Soaked up the Remaining Land, all but One. In a World where Fear Rules and Sacer, a Form of Alchemy, is all but Forgotten. A Journey to show those that are Factionless that even the smallest of Opportunities can be Made into Triumph. A Story of Heart, Adventure, Romance, Bravery...
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The eye (English)

Non Verified story Chapter 2 comming soon…
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The Wonderblood

Non Verified story Cassadee Stormstrum, a seventeen-year-old teen girl, is excited to attend a world-famous school, one that nobody can ever find. The school of Valenyer is a school in a magical land, and when Cassadee learns of this can't get enough information. But knowledge has consequences, and her past is one of them.
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Gods among men

Non Verified story Very identical twin Prince were born mystical by both of them coming out together at once during birth. Thus each has equal right to be king. As they grew, the quest for power, authority, riches and others got hold of them. Will Falarmar,whom have been endowed upon with powers from the gods take the lead of things? or will Lamar whom have been g...
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Cat upon magic

Non Verified story This is about a girl who visits her Uncle and cousin, and finds out animals talk in her Uncles store
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The Angel and the Demon

Non Verified story An Angel and a Demon.. Both outcasts... Both suffering... Can they help each other find the one who ruined their lives? Enemies hide deep in the shadow and the light waiting for their time to strike. Follow the two opposites as they try finding common ground and stop the enemies threatening to ruin what they care for.
26 CHAPTERS 9.0k views 1 New chapter Every 10 days

The Aquanian Judge

Non Verified story Jordan Washington is the protagonists of the story. He comes from a troubled middle class family home that falls into a desperate situation of poverty. They will suffer the negative consequences of a criminal influence from his father’s past that will ultimately be the cause of Jordan being temporarily orphaned and left all alone in the...
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A Crown of Blood

Non Verified story War has come to Erithor. A once mighty kingdom, it struggles to survive under the rule of a harsh king. Desperate to escape a wedding she does not want, Armaila Farland finds herself in the company of a mysterious stranger: a fairy carrying a dark secret that will change her life forever. A web of lies unravel, revealing a world of magic and myt...
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Non Verified story This is epic story of boy name 'Shri' and his journey to become the strongest mage in the world.
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Willa Jane

Non Verified story I hope you enjoy this wonderful story about a girl going on a crazy adventure !
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Tales of luna and friends book 1

Non Verified story This story's about luna and her friends who rule a kingdom but when another kingdom threatens luna and bonds break to wanting to kill people for their betrayal and a lover comes to luna life but will it stay together or will she end them because they're on the enemies side...all will be revealed
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The Mistical shifters

Non Verified story Five magical Heroes called the Mistical shifters fight a sorceress named Rona and when they defeat this magical evil sorceress. A girl named Scarlet to figure out that she is a magical princess from a magical land and sea goes on adventures with her magical friends called the Mistical shifters
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The Beauty Killed The Beast

Non Verified story "I have seen many people fall in front of me. this is the first time i fell in front of others. Nothing special, just a little sleepy" after saying that he closed his eyes and smiled, a happy smile. They were completely different from each other. She was the light and he was the darkness, He was her lighthouse dressed like nightmare and she was...
5 CHAPTERS 1.0k views 1 New chapter Every Saturday

The Imitator's Ascension

Non Verified story Casimir Kismet is just your regular weeb who has a hobby of cosplaying, has a loving adorable little sister, supportive parents, and friends with a common hobby as him. An ordinary but content life if he must say. But, not anymore. Everything changed when he got involved in a disastrous dilemma of getting summoned to another world by...
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Non Verified story This is a story about a 13 year old girl who loves to play with her sister charlie. She gets powers somehow and she was born that way. So she trains so she can control her powers
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1st Book. The Truth Of The Demon Race

Non Verified story The boy who no one thought could save the planet
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12 Days Of Millennials Christmas

Non Verified story 12 Days of Christmas includes gifts sometimes right? Well so does this one. But our gifts were legendary; and supernatural. Tune in 😇
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Cute and cool Carly‘s story

Non Verified story Looks like it’s Carly‘s first year at fashion hi, everyone give her a welcome
6 CHAPTERS 730 views Story completed

Fairies of the Wonder Island

Non Verified story This story is based on four fairies in the Wonder Island who shows heroic bravery by protecting its Island from the destruction and saves the Island and the world
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Non Verified story I have no idea what this book is about. I'm just living.
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A day in my Life

Non Verified story A day in Moonlight Darkness Life
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Hidden Worlds

Non Verified story Perseus 'Percy' Jackson had been betrayed, disowned, and killed by his old family. Join him and the Primordials in his journey through worlds and realms that are hidden from the mortal eyes.
2 CHAPTERS 1.3k views New chapter Every 2 days

Rapunzel Untamed

Non Verified story A thousand years. No memories. Five powerful mages dying to save her. In the city of Neo New York, mages rule the world. People like Eva, the non-magical kind, mean nothing. The only destiny waiting for her will be to serve the mages for the rest of her days. Except Eva isn’t like other humans. Locked in a tower for a crime she doesn’t even reme...
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Non Verified story IT WAS DEEMED TO BE A CATASTROPHE. Our kinds don't mix. My kinds are used as projects, site seeing. We always remain an enigma to them, a fallacy. I WAS RECKONED TO GO EXPLORING ONLY. But no, I got hooked knowing solely well it will all end in mayhem. All this emerged because of two utterances, four letters, and one syllable each. A WIS...
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Non Verified story Colors sometimes mean personality, gender and are used to describe different objects. But sometimes, people use it to put it in categories. In a Weird falling world Kaden is struggling trying to find out who is as a person and a Shy boy named Bryan helps him. Colors do not define you! This book: Mentions sexual assault and bullying
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The Walker

Non Verified story Ll
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Non Verified story I may post shorts only because I'm tired and plz go follow my tiktok acc havefaithinchrist_godluv God bless
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