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The Secret of the Garden

Victor is a problem solver. He's always been clear-headed and logical. Even when he was still human - in 1930 - he was able to float the Great Depression without worry. There's only ever been one problem Victor couldn't solve: Warren Roche, the man that buried him alive ninety years ago. Victor's only solution is to run, and keep running, until ...
10 CHAPTERS 3.5k views 11 4 New chapter Every Thursday

Warriors of Kagolania

In the cruel, full of anarchy and chaos world, power is held by those who possess knowledge. The only way to achieve it is to join one of two organizations that jealously guard their secrets.                  Kalena, a former slave, unexpectedly gets the chance to become a member of one of them - the Scribes' Association, which under the guise o...
47 CHAPTERS 4.7k views 25 7 New chapter Every 10 days


The tale of a sorceress and her fight against the holy church's inquisition of the twenty first century. - New translations every monday.
2 CHAPTERS 8.1k views 54 20 New chapter Every Monday

The Lady Thief

A clueless prince marries a foreign princess who possesses magic that had long been banished from the kingdom. With her, she brings a new hope to the dying land as many seasons of fruitless crops brings whispers of rebellion. But the princess never expected her new home to be so different from the one she once knew. Upon her arrival at the pal...
3 CHAPTERS 5.9k views 9 10 New chapter Every 30 days

Angelique's Adventures

This is the start of a fantasy novel, a work in progress!
4 CHAPTERS 3.9k views 1 New chapter Every 30 days

Under the Darkest Moon

Evie is in captive of the Evil Enchantress, the woman who cursed sleeping beauty . Somwere else in the world Cinderella's daughter,Snow, is born deformed and sent off to be killed by Evie herself. Evie is determend to keep Snow safe from the huntsman and the other things that may lurk in the forest. When Snow proves herself more magical then eve...
9 CHAPTERS 4.8k views 131 5 New chapter Every 10 days


Non Verified story «A King is incomplete without his Queen » He was an abomination He was not suppose to be given birth to He was a forbidden quabrid He was the perfect definition for merciless Cruel Ruthless Beast Monster Cold worst Nightmare He was a wolf with fangs, horns and magic. Who was he? He was the king of all supernatural After 1000y...
6 CHAPTERS 493 views 5 New chapter Every Sunday

Colossal Boy

Non Verified story A CGI animated remake Colossal boy Dave Seville meets A CGI animated remake African American mental retardation tween girl moved here from her universe parallel hometown of Mobile, Alabama. He and she become friends.
1 chapter 739 views New chapter Every 30 days

The broken sword

Non Verified story You don't know me" her sword was on his neck while she was panting. "But I love you" he replied "You'll regret it, don't do it, I am here to take your heart, flesh and blood" "How naive of you, you already have taken all of me and as of blood here you go" he took her sword and swooned over his hand with liquid dripping from his hand. Princess z...
4 CHAPTERS 3.7k views 3 3 New chapter Every Friday

Dave's Adventure

Non Verified story The chipmunks' adopted human single father Dave Seville uses Simon's miniaturization ray to turn himself into six inches ft tall to reunite his live-action African American woman novelist married his live-action husband Dean Cain thought she still had his childhood imaginary boyfriend.
5 CHAPTERS 4.1k views New chapter Every 30 days

Dave's traveler

Non Verified story A Traveler name is Dave Seville been discover on the Small World and Giant World.
4 CHAPTERS 4.1k views New chapter Every 30 days

YunokiRoom Monogatari

Non Verified story YunokiRoom Monogatari is an successor to Wattpad fanfiction YunokiRoom Bullshittery which ended in June 28th, 2019. It is also known as the adventures of the main protagonists of YunokiRoom Bullshittery's children.
3 CHAPTERS 5.0k views New chapter Every 10 days

Loop of Dreams

Non Verified story Marin is a normal girl, at least, she hopes.One night something strange happens and she is stuck in a loop of dreams. Taylor lives in constant fear of his dad after his sister died because of the loop of dreams.He finds his Ilum partner, and has to save her from the same thing that killed his sister. The only problem is, she is halfway across t...
1 chapter 3.8k views 121 2 New chapter Every 15 days

She is not a human

Non Verified story Nate was really excited about this journey. He thought it would be the best journey of his life...
Short tale 3.6k views 119 In progress

Clear as Water

Non Verified story Violet and Rose Crow are twins of the Crow family. Onde day, on their debut for the other Clans, the twins were participating in a friendly match against other clan's first timers. Things escalated quickly and the Crow name was put at stake. Now the Twins will dive into the heart of the enemy territory and restore their name, their s...
1 chapter 5 views New chapter Every Sunday

The Forbidden Wizard

Non Verified story The Forbidden Wizard Tells us the story of Benjamin Dakirov, a young Muggle who dreams of becoming a magician, however in his life he will be involved with various events that change his life, adventures, secrets, revelations and much more in this magical story created by a fan of the Harry Potter universe...
1 chapter 4.2k views New chapter Every Friday

Angelic Battles

Non Verified story They say Angels protect people, but what's the cost of this protection? And what are they really protecting you from?
1 chapter 4.6k views New chapter Every Saturday

1685 Blightblossom Lane

Non Verified story Many centuries ago, Dama Fristad, a woman of great power and kindness to all creatures, created a city to serve as a haven for humans and nonhumans alike. The simple story of a young man, his condo, and the Unicorn, Naga, Eldritch-Horror, Minotaur, Wendigo, Sphinx, Lich/Grim Reaper, Mimic, and Rakshasa who room with him. Oh, and there's some h...
54 CHAPTERS 14.4k views 40 3 New chapter Every 10 days