The Drifter

The Drifter is a series of mind perspectives for different situations. From the Read Out Loud and Listen series. (Rolls) Enjoy
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No thing is Perfect

Part of the Universe of Vijay~books This verse is about telling that No thing & Nothing is Perfect in the world not only humans, everybody.
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Isn't Plenty

Part of the Universe of Vijay~books A moral poem.
Short tale 2.8k views 2 2 Story completed

Resist The Tide

A woman who stands.
Short tale 4.1k views 3 1 Story completed

Sing To Me Momma

Sometimes carrying a song is enough...
Short tale 10.0k views 5 6 Story completed

Prison In Our Minds

A prison dwells in us.
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Remember Us This Way

A poem on the unjustifiable massacre in Gaza, Palestine by the Israeli over a war on revenge and inhumane pleasure
1 chapter 6.8k views 2 3 Story completed
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The Gods of The North

Author: Adam Oehlenschlæger Translator: William Edward Frye
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Freedom call

Non Verified story Epic poetry a new composition on my other works...bringing it all together into one book
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Non Verified story Hello Everyone; I Am Jalena P. I Am From Detroit, Michigan. I Been Writing Short & Long Poems Since I Was 12 Years Old. I Started Writing Because I Lost A Love One In 2012 That I Was Really Closed To Which Was My Grandmother. So I Start Writing Everyday About How I Be Feeling. I Finally Want To Share It With The World. I Wrote This Book Fo...
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A Non Fairy Tale

Non Verified story Examining Social Media and it's effects.
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Rockwerx Male Enhancement Pills!

Non Verified story Rockwerx Male Enhancement
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Our Prophecy

Non Verified story Spiritual Inspiration and observation of these end times.
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Call It What You Will

Non Verified story A Spiritual Examination of Sin and what it means to our souls. 🙏
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Non Verified story The rude boy got tired of raining sky without umbrella
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Non Verified story The Truth about Strawman and your corporate fiction.
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The Tease of Rhymes!

Non Verified story First Chapter Rhyme: Introductory teaser rhyme! Next Chapters' Fun & laughter with rhymes! With a serious side every once in a while, given time!
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Love & Inspiration For You

Non Verified story Inspirational Poem to inspire and lift up. Never give up! Everyday is new, but YOU must change with the day. Look toward your hindsight and focus on a brighter future. - Shalom. - Blessings. 🙏
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City Streets

Non Verified story Epic poetry of morals and mortality
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Non Verified story This is something that should be known from Cory an it is a life lesson
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space art

Non Verified story Galaxy paintings are a popular art form that uses vibrant and unique colors to create beautiful and awe-inspiring images. If you're in the market to create your own galaxy paintings, you'll want to follow some best practices to ensure success.
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Non Verified story Prólogo 1989
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Non Verified story This expressed how faithful and good our God is,in all conditions of life.
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Bedroom Ceiling

Non Verified story My best friend "Bedroom Ceiling". (Must Read)
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The Person

Non Verified story A poem describing my father "The Person".
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My Rock

Non Verified story A positive poem on a simple rock titled "My Rock".
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Beauty Treatments Near Me

Non Verified story The Brazilian wax has got you covered! This crowd-favorite can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion, and isometric routine is a great way to improve your overall hygiene.
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Non Verified story A poem about my mother
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