Dreams Of A Angel Volume 1

Tessa is a wonderful princess though her parents have always despised her gothic looks. From black make up to dresses with worn black boots is her style. Tessa is known as Gothic Princess in her kingdom though she has always wondered if dreams came true on having a sweet Angel take her heart away. Laila is in training to be a wonderful Angel for h…
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Dark Desires From A Princess Volume 2

Laila can't help wanting Princess Tessa the most beautiful Princess in Evigon. Laila is stuck in the castle and can't go back home since she is without her wings. Falling for Tessa is least of her worries, she has to keep her desires in check and keep her away from all the selfish Princess in other Kingdom's from stealing her girl. What will becom…
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A Princess For Keeps Volume 3

Gracelyn Hyland is now of age to prepare for marriage, the same age her sister was. There is more life outside of her Kingdom than in it. Gracelyn is destined for a happy ending but her path is different from Tessa's. She hasn't exactly kept her parents in the loop of everything with Laila Kingston, their maid and also an Angel that is destined to…
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Xylia, Why?

The questions we ask the most, aren’t always the ones that need to be answered. It’s the ones that stay hidden in the shadows of doubt , that bring us home.
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It's a following book of The Hybrid. Jr returns as a Prince with guidance from The Almighty as The seals are broken and the world ends.
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The story is about a family that is born with a curse from his ancestors and grows up and finds out he's a Hybrid. His brothers are abnormal and is given a choice to either save the earth from the threats that came upon their lives or let them take over and kill off everyone.
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The Face of Carrion Beau

The Face of Carrion Beau is known to be the most handsome face that had ever lived. But he is also a folk tale told to children to warn them of dark desires. The Face of Carina Bellamy is the most desired face in all the realms, but she's also just the daughter of a lowly shoemaker. When she stumbles past the boundaries of reality, she goes on a j…
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Join Hobo as he searches the ghost town of Last Chance to find out what happened to his great-grandfather and his lost last will. The Journey does not finish there, are much more lies ahead of you and Hobo like bringing life back to Last Chance the way your great-grandfather wants it to and conquering the castle in the distance. There are two way…
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Sons of Eden

At the brink of an apocalypse, the fate of two worlds rest upon Vaan and Blaine's shoulders. Across scorching deserts of ash, and turbulent, bloody seas, they set to reclaim their rightful throne and heal the scars of ruin. All while learning the truth as they piece together their dark and shrouded heritage. This is their tale. A tale of two twi…
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Part of the Universe of Silverwolf Nyla was walking home from work when she ran in to her boss who Nyla found to be very hot. they drove back to her apartment where things started getting interesting. The next day when Nyla got to work, her boss was waiting for her with a job offer. Nyla excepted the offer not now how much it would change her life.
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The promise of the Sun and Moon

In a world of technology and mysticism, ancient beings control the destinies of nations and individuals. Promises made at birth and powerful gifts take ordinary children and thrust them into actions that change them into the building blocks upon which new realities are constructed.
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Rise of Lord of Chaos

Draul was an orphan, sent to live with his uncle in the city of Allimar. He was the only Dark Elf in the city. One day, the city is overrun with Goblins and Mountain Trolls, meanwhile, at the Tower of Balance, the tower that stood in the middle of Allimar, the Sacred Orb of Balance is removed. Then without warning, the tower, thought destroye…
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Ricardo's escape

Ricardo had a good life before the man clad in gold came along. Now even he lost contact with his two sisters. All he has now is his odd friend Shamus as they attempt to navigate such a gauntlet.
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Ice Fire

They called him evil, ruthless, cruel, incapable of mercy. Colder than anything in the realm of winter. Dark as the night sky in the realm of eternal darkness. He was unforgiving, forsaken and long past the point of redemption. He was real and he was here. Iyra couldn't believe the tales were true even after accounts of so many saying he was the …
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It's Back?

The story is about four high school friends who fight against a force with their special abilities coming in handy. The force is from another dimension, another world, and it's portal has been opened again.
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My boyfriend is a vampire

Starla fell in love with a boy named zenith she is narrating how she fell in love with this vampire boy who go in the same exact school but in different worlds. She was curious to see what's on the other side of the school hallways and why zenith acting strange towards her when it comes to a bandaid. She never told her family yet she is dating …
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The Author

A young lady goes to sleep every night but is always having a dream where she saves people. Little dose she know that the people she saves are real people!
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After a death threat Kwrator escapes from the Temple and goes to hell. (The Capital.) He meets people there and out there that makes his life more hard that expected, but guess what? He's also a piece of crap.
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A World of Unknown Magic

Two twins fall into an unknown world and go on an adventure as they try to find their way home.
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The Unforgiven Tomes:. The Memory Stone

Nermorant, the Jewel of Vraberle has fallen on dark times. The Black Bloods are being hunted across the lands, Emperor Hantiss grieves for his missing son and the worst are the sinister demonic forces that threaten to tear down the ancient city. Legends are made, unlikely alliances are formed as the Empire of Vraberle crumbles.
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The Dreamer's Fall

Arthur is a noble-born reincarnator searching for absolute immortality to avoid the terrifying fate he witnessed in the afterlife. Thanks to a failed spell designed by an unimaginative ancestor, he is able to glimpse a path leading toward immortality while laying the foundations to become the world's first necromancer. However, magic in the world …
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About 2 teenagers became wonderers about a task or quest to accomplish something.
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Queen of Temperance

Temperance is a succubus, cursed by Lucifer, to keep the scales of good and evil balanced at all times. Lucas is a demon necromancer, who is resurrecting evil zombies. Their paths cross when Temperance, who is determined to keep the scales balanced (and get out of her contract with Lucifer), goes after Lucas, demanding that he stop resurrectin…
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In a world with no humans, where equilibrium is infinite, the world is different. And yet something is wrong. It is too quiet. Run. If you still can. - I highly value any reviews left on this piece and future pieces of mine. If you could leave a review, it would make my day. Enjoy reading!
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Kingdom Of The Damned

They told of a story where an infant girls would be burned by the flames. Athena was an unusual child from the moment she was born. She had bright red hair, like a beacon of flame that no one could miss, and the people around her seemed to have difficulty believing their eyes. But this was just the beginning. Unusual events and occurrences start…
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Rose’s Magic Mirrors

Rose's stepmom has always been cruel. But even though her stepmom was cruel, Rose has remained kind, and quietly remembers the heartwarming kindness of her mother. On her 17th birthday she recieves a glittering heart shaped crystal necklace after discovering a hidden room from a letter she had recived the day before. Later she returns to the hidde…
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Gladiolus Slaves: The Queen

Raised as a slave bound by Black Mage's contract, Illisha at an early age, have to learn how to take care of her younger siblings and learn the dark trades of the world. Uncovering the secret of their past, and how the darkness within her will either break her down or save those whom she considers dear.
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Heros of stone heart:The beginning

In the land of stone heart is being threaten and the ones that can save their world is a group of 7 people. Called the rainbow hoods but will they be able to find each other and stop the dark lord Radcliff. Can a girl named Annie-mal be the leader and save her home. Find out in this series.
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