Inktober project

A series of daily drawings for the Inktober contest
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Alvin and His blue-clad brother chipmunk Simon

Non Verified story Alvin and his blue-clad oldest brother chipmunk Simon lives with me as his live-action foster overworked African American mute mom. Also, his shrinking human CGI animated remake adopted father and songwriter Dave Seville lives with them and me in my live-action universe parallel hometown.
16 CHAPTERS 16.6k views 28 15 New chapter Everyday

Midnight Eclipse: Web-Comic

A DEMON WITHIN. AN UNKNOWN ENEMY. A DEADLY THREAT. It’s torturous to live for Gothalia! Being hated for existing is one thing, but being unable to define her own destiny is another. The Xzandians threaten invasion, the surface world is unaware of the impending danger and Gothalia Ignatius-Valdis is forced to become a Centurion as punishment for he…
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The Bee Hive

A week after the PPC 500 Race. Beth and her Sister make plans to start up a new business.
#1 in Comics 8 CHAPTERS 6.8k views 18 10 Story completed
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Plan B The Backup

With the Delivery Boys tied up at the Frat House. Beth puts Plan B in motion.
5 CHAPTERS 6.5k views 11 8 Story completed
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Penguin Series: Children Moral Stories

The moral story is the lesson that teaches about how to behave in the world. It help in building the ethics and value that aid in developing the spirit of righteousness among children. Moral stories teach children the importance of remaining grounded and not straying from the right path due to the lures of greed, envy, or pride. Because I believe …
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Santa’s Journey

Santa's reindeer left him behind on a rooftop. Follow Santa’s Journey as he tries to make his way back home.
8 CHAPTERS 6.7k views 17 7 Story completed
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This Prelude Volume was originally titled the Mad Scientist. However the story gave us the idea for Cheezy and the Crackers.
#6 in Comics 8 CHAPTERS 6.5k views 15 7 Story completed
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Down To Business

Cheezy and her friends have gathered around another Bonfire where they talk about their day and plans for the Holidays.
3 CHAPTERS 6.0k views 6 7 Story completed
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The PPC 500

Beth and DF have opened a new club. The end of the day has arrived and it is time to unwind.
#5 in Comics 7 CHAPTERS 7.3k views 15 6 Story completed
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The Beginning

It’s been awhile since our Jailbirds landed on the Beach and they are about to be discovered.
4 CHAPTERS 5.9k views 8 6 Story completed
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Going Looney

Cheezy and her friends are Fifty Years into the future. Where our Jail Birds find themselves outside the Jail they escaped from. What could they possibly be doing there?
#4 in Comics 3 CHAPTERS 5.8k views 6 6 Story completed
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Scrap Book

This Scrap book is basically a volume created for out takes we have done over the years. Just a volume for random scenes we have done that are not really part of any story.
#2 in Comics 9 CHAPTERS 5.7k views 25 6 Story completed
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The Check List

After finding out that they somehow traveled back in time. Our Jailbirds Huggie and Animal go into town for the first time.
#7 in Comics 3 CHAPTERS 5.7k views 6 6 Story completed
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A New Venture

The Graffiti Alley Series begins here. The very first short story that started it all.
1 chapter 6.5k views 2 5 Story completed
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A Very Hippie Christmas

Cheezy and her friends head North to spend Christmas Eve with her Parents. Who she has not seen in a couple of years.
8 CHAPTERS 6.5k views 16 5 Story completed
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Lady Emerald

Non Verified story Lady Emerald was the oldest daughter of the House Of Ironbane. She took care of her three younger sisters and the castle. She lived in one day, she heard that Knight Sir Mikael was coming into their kingdom, and she and her sisters were very excited. Little did she know that she and the new Knight would have feelings for each other and fall in lov…
1 chapter 2.5k views 5 Story completed
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A Shrinking Hero Man

Non Verified story A shrinking hero man name is David Seville of the chipmunks' adoptive guardian father been stranded in my alternative dimensional hometown and he is six inches feet so tiniest and meet a giantess tween African American mute girl who becomes secret friend and discover with him on adventures to learn a lesson from mistakes and avoid from risky.
9 CHAPTERS 25.5k views 1 4 New chapter Every 30 days

Opening Day

Opening Day for the Bee Hive and the Delivery Boys find themselves at a all girl Frat House.
5 CHAPTERS 11.1k views 12 4 Story completed
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Greata And The Beetle

Andrea and Jacklyn are in a rush to get to work after being at the Bonfire the night before. Unknown to them they have a unknown hitchhiker.
5 CHAPTERS 6.2k views 10 4 Story completed
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Inktober Project 2022

Non Verified story How you draw is a reflection of how you feel about the world. You're not capturing it, you're interpreting it.
31 CHAPTERS 5.7k views 74 4 Story completed
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Rising Against the Odds: The Fujimoto Twins' Journey

Non Verified story Story is about a group of 4 friends from classic school who are struggling to survive in a world invaded by monsters and trying to rescue their friends. In the story, one of the members of the friend group chases after a monster that escaped through a crack in order to kill it, but ends up finding himself in the world of monsters. While the other …
11 CHAPTERS 2.9k views 16 4 Story completed

Bad boy meets the trouble maker

Non Verified story yn is a trouble maker who get stuck with the bad boy of uni.
1 chapter 2.7k views 4 In progress

Shocking News

Some secrets are revealed as a visitor from Amsterdam reveals some Shocking News.
10 CHAPTERS 6.5k views 20 3 Story completed
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Fried Fish

More than Fish are getting Fried in this Volume of Cheezy And The Crackers.
4 CHAPTERS 5.6k views 8 3 Story completed
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The crews from the local businesses around Graffiti Alley join forces to restore the Alley.
2 CHAPTERS 3.1k views 5 3 Story completed
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human virus

Non Verified story Heroes: A boy named Isagi and an unknown person named Nero so the events revolve around bullying, but turn into horror
1 chapter 2.6k views 4 3 New chapter Every 10 days


Random beauties transformed and featured starting with myself. You'll be surprised and amazed at the playful transformations celebrating each woman’s beauty. To get the app name you need to have a paid membership.
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