Non Verified story Maeko 'May' Fukumoto never thought of herself as a somebody, especially not a hero, but one day she discovers her ability to create and control fire. Soon May learns that she is apart of an underground world she never knew existed, the world of 'Chromats'. People with strange powers begin to show up, some working for a mysterious woman kn...
2 CHAPTERS 18.8k views 5 6 New chapter Every 30 days


Non Verified story Be ready! Don't lie. She's coming for you, don't get wrong with her. You're the next to die, better don't be a shame. Shots... One is for you.
Short tale 5.1k views 1 Story completed

Long Journeys

Livia Madison Roberts was a poor orphan girl on the streets until... long story short, a strangly beautiful woman came to tell her she was a angel warrior. And like any sivilized person, she freaked out. Livia soons figured out her parents were alive but held captive by The Dark Divison, a group of evil Dragons, Ogres, Trolls, Witches, Vampires...
1 chapter 7.3k views 123 6 New chapter Every 10 days

Ignatius-Valdis, Book 0

A DEMON WITHIN. AN UNKNOWN ENEMY. A DEADLY THREAT. Gothalia Ignatius-Valdis is cursed and hated, but will be her home's greatest asset. In the underground country of the Fire Reserve, New Icarus is home to the Excelians with superhuman strength, speed and elemental powers. Long ago, these beings were once Human but due to a suppressed gene that...
6 CHAPTERS 12.2k views 2 5 New chapter Every 30 days

Steel Bones

Non Verified story Cyborgs. Ugly, mutant, creatures. Some call them beasts. Some say they will one day try to kill everyone with their powers. Some do plan to do that. Meet Ava Lizza Carter. She may be 49% cyborg, but she isn't ugly, she is beautiful. She is a mutant; but she perfers the term servivor. She isn't a beast; she is a fighter. And she will never take o...
1 chapter 4.5k views 120 2 New chapter Every 10 days


Non Verified story There alone but together. with no one around they need to learn how to fend for themselves, but that wont be easy. there are dark forces around, all of which want to get rid of tehem.
4 CHAPTERS 5.4k views 11 3 New chapter Every 30 days

Squad files

Follow a group of enhanced kids as they try to make something of their lives. In the wierd world that they live in, they constantly fight stupidly over powered criminals, and just plain stupid criminals. A comedic journey to find the true master mind behind all evil.
38 CHAPTERS 13.3k views 129 11 Story completed

Crimson Blade

In the year 3456, planet Earth. Kalverya Nindo, lives a life of a struggling assassin, dealing with jobs that no ordinary woman would dare take on. But that’s the catch. Kalverya is no ordinary woman. With above average reflexes, stamina, strength and speed. She's the most inhuman human, there is in this world. When Kalverya Nindo heads to anoth...
9 CHAPTERS 24.4k views 15 15 New chapter Every 30 days

fullmetal alchemist Z

Non Verified story homunculus war is getting bad but Edward will stop tham
7 CHAPTERS 1.8k views Story completed

Critical hit

Non Verified story A dream, a hope, a fight, a king, and a goal, the main fight is now!
6 CHAPTERS 3.1k views 1 New chapter Every Thursday

Colourland Series 6: Quarterfinals

Non Verified story The quarterfinals of the tournament happen with very intense fights.
1 chapter 2.4k views Story completed

Colourland X

Non Verified story Colourland X is the continuation of the Colourland series. A mysterious man break criminals out of jail, King Bobby wants a war against Coastal Island.
1 chapter 1.5k views 1 Story completed


When local girls are coming up missing, who's going to save them especially when Olivia Johnson is on the list. Will her savior let her be devoured when he finds out the truth or will he risk everything to save her?
3 CHAPTERS 5.9k views 7 4 New chapter Every Friday

Colourland Part 4: Blackin and Blackina the Ultimate Couple Part 2

Non Verified story Blackin and Blackina have challenged Crayon and his friends to the ultimate battle.
1 chapter 4.0k views 1 Story completed

A Birdperson Story

Non Verified story Just a BirdPerson Story
1 chapter 664 views New chapter Every 30 days

To my Treasure

Non Verified story Letters for my Daughter
2 CHAPTERS 1.8k views 1 1 New chapter Everyday

Colourland Series 3: Dictator

Non Verified story Colour King has sent in Colour Dictator to stop Crayon and his friends fron supporting Challenger.
1 chapter 3.3k views 1 Story completed


Colourland is the story of Crayon, Colourea, Colouruke, Artby and Warbler. They get into fights and work for a man named Challenger.
1 chapter 4.0k views Story completed

Colourland Part 2: Attack of the Smithson Family

Non Verified story The Bear have sent in the Smithsons, some of the most brutal fighters who want to destroy the romance between Crayon and Colourea.
1 chapter 3.9k views 1 Story completed

Colourland Series 3: Colourclever and Administrator

Non Verified story Colour King has sent in Colourclever and Administrator to make his opinion the law of the land.
1 chapter 3.7k views 1 Story completed

Colourland Series 4: Alice and the Smithsons

Non Verified story The Bear have sent in Alice and the Smithsons, one of the most ruthless families to fight Crayon and his friends.
1 chapter 3.2k views Story completed

The Butterfly Girl

a girl
1 chapter 4.9k views 6 4 New chapter Every 30 days

Losted passion.

Non Verified story The beginning of the end...
1 chapter 3.6k views 120 New chapter Every Tuesday
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Colourland Series 6: Round of 16

Non Verified story The fights in the Round of 16 continue.
1 chapter 2.3k views Story completed

Colourland Series 4: Bear Resurgance

Non Verified story The Bear have returned with a new leader.
1 chapter 3.2k views In progress

Colourland X Part 2: The Big Fight

Non Verified story Colourik, Malicia and the Bear members who they broke out end up fighting against Crayon, his friends and Colour King's officials.
1 chapter 1.1k views Story completed

Colourland Series 3: The Colourlandish Leaders

Non Verified story Colour King has demanded the shunning of Challenger from Crayon and his friends.
1 chapter 3.6k views Story completed

Colourland Series 4: Easeion and Melissa

Non Verified story The Bear have sent in Easeion and Melissa, two of their elite warriors to fight Crayon and his friends.
1 chapter 3.1k views In progress