Smart Inka's Story

This story about smart Inko and Inka, who helped people in joint machine learning, developing new high technologies in the 3 millennium. About this Story So, dear readers, I begin my story, a very instructive and infinitely touching story of email friendship. mind and man. Рассказ об умных Инко и Инках, которые помо...
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When the Sun sets

One day, in the Stream Valley, the Sun refused to rise.
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The story of kila the pero

Non Verified story This is a story of a young pero who was abandoned by her flock and has to find a way to survive. As she gets old and the moths go by she will learn on how to survive.
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You Talk

A poem for those who talk too much.
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The Black Cat

The narrator is consumed by guilt about he's done, but he is not consciuos about its weight of his guilt, insisting that he is not bothered by this, and it's manifested in subconscious ways, He sees a vision of a cat in a noose in the ruined remains of this burned down house.
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Mountains Voice

Once, I closed my eyes and found myself in the mists of the mountains...
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Mists in Spring

A poem about memories and how I deal with them
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A Sweet Touch

An unexpected visit, or perhaps a long-awaited one, appears next to a hospital bed. What will be its intention?
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One Piece: Skypeia 25-26-27

Non Verified story
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Vagabond, Vol. 5 VIZBIG Edition

Non Verified story
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Sugnan's wife was a ghost.
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The River's waters next to the Tree

In 2018, I took part in a Challenge of the Brazilian Embassy and made a short story about a tree that sang to a river. Only now, in 2020, I could write this tale here: the singing-answer from that river. Hope you like it :)
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Semiworded Verses

When for the first time I tried to understand things that most people think they understand.
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After You

The first "Transmutation" story. Eight people, four of whom from the real world and the other four from various fictional worlds, are whisked right out of wherever they were into a different realm, named by a mysterious voice as "the world of Pistevo". With no other way to address that voice, the eight simply call him "Pistevo". They are subsequ...
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Waving Away

A late captain decided to ship his dreams away...
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King of Scars King of Scars Duology, 1

Non Verified story
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The Missing Part Of You

A poem for a loved one.
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Hulk: World War Hulk Omnibus

Non Verified story
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I Am Enough

Non Verified story
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A question on imagination

Non Verified story A thought.
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Wolfie Leon

Non Verified story This poem was made for Leon, a character from the story Fleetward Werewolf, published in Portuguese and English here on the platform. Few have read Leon's story (one of my favorite characters), but even those who haven't, I hope you will be interested in this child-man. (And sorry for the spoiler, but truth be told, Fleetward Werewolf was publis...
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