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need help to know how to write on Inkspired

Hi I need help to how to write chapter and information for book on here. I’m new on Inkspired

May 16, 2020, 19:47 1
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Tri Sakuragi Tri Sakuragi Hey, I dunno whether you have figure it out yet. But to write a chapter, first you need to click the, 'CREATE STORY' on the top right of your screen. Then, pick what kind of story you want to make, and fill in the story title and category. Next, you need to fill the story's information and description. After that, scrolled downward and there will be a table. Click, 'NEW CHAPTER' on the top rightside of the table. Then, begin writing. After you finish writing the chapter, just click, 'SAVE' on the rightside. Then, click, 'CLOSE & GO TO STORY'S PROFILE'. Go back to the table, and change the, 'Draft' to 'Published' if you want to publish the chapter. Happy writing :D
3 weeks ago