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My Guardian Angel

Dear little fighter

You have a person who would give his life for you, is pending what happens to you whether it is good or bad. It brings out smiles when you're sad, you know you can count on him.

He has accompanied you in all your battles, your downfalls, you have a shoulder to cry on, arms to hug when you need it. That, is to have someone who is there for you at all times, all people should have someone like that. Like him.

He is already part of you, if you hurt yourself, you hurt him. If you fall, he falls. If you feel sad, he tries to encourage you.

He supports you, advises you, shows you the good side of life. Don't waste the time you have with him, thank him for everything he has done and will continue to do for you, because thanks to him you are still alive.

Thanks to him.


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Dear little fighter

Self-harm. Your mind will tell you that is right to do, that is necessary for your body, so that you feel something. It isn't worth it to hurt yourself, you must resist impulses and ignore your mind.

It's not easy, but it is possible to overcome it, don't do it, don't hurt yourself. What do you gain with that? you only gain scars and pain doing it.

You can do whatever you want with your body, no one can control your life but they can advise you to do the right thing. If you hurt yourself, it's as if you damaged your shield, your body, your home.

What do you feel when you do it? A relief? You do it because you feel a void inside you, that nobody is important to you, you do it because you feel sad and you hurt yourself to vent. Letting go is crying, taking out everything that has accumulated, mistreating oneself is not the way to vent.

Believe me, it's not worth it.


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Dear little fighter

You feel that you have no purpose in this world, that you are worthless, that you are not enough or important. You feel like garbage waiting to be discarded. You feel that you are drowning while you see everyone breathing around you.

You have thought so much about ending everything, but what stops you from doing it? What is not letting you give an end to your life?

People have a bad expectation of what depression is. It is more dangerous than you think, it makes you feel miserable, that everything you do goes wrong, makes you want to blame, hate and hurt you.

Depression is not just being sad, it's like living a nightmare that you can not wake up from, it's like being locked in and not being able to get out. It seizes you completely, it affects you in your daily activities, you feel the loneliest person in the world in spite of having people supporting you.

You are unable to make decisions, unable to recognize how happy you used to be, how did you get to be in this situation?

You miss the old you, that girl who laughed with her friends and didn't move away, that girl who felt good about herself, that girl who always had a story to tell, that positive girl, a girl who wants to live, but, in What have you become? You have become a shy girl with fear of everything around you, a girl who suffers in silence, a depressed girl with suicidal thoughts in her head, a girl who wants to die.

You are living a torture and it's destroying you little by little.

You can't escape the pain unless you are strong enough to overcome it, you will suffer at all times but don't drown yourself, you don't have to depend on you always. I wish you luck. You will need it

But don't fight if you don't want to continue living, make your decision.

Ask yourself this:

Life or Death, what do you choose?


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Inside My Head

Dear little fighter

You always make a case of what happens in your head that hurts you, that makes you stay thinking about the negative and always the negative. Don't waste your time in there, there is nothing to look for, nothing good for you.

You are having a battle with yourself that can kill you if you don't control it in time, don't fight alone, you have an army behind you supporting you, demonstrating that you can get out of this, but the first step, you have to give it, you are the key to winning this battle.

You feel that your failed attempts show how weak you are, you spent so much time in your head that you have come to hate yourself, you despise everything about yourself, always looking for the negative side of everything.

You look in the mirror and you get disgusted, you hate your body, your personality, your smile, your attempts to be happy, you hate your life. Your mind is the strongest and most dangerous thing you have. Don't let it control you, don't let it take over completely.

Don't let it destroy you.


Jan. 12, 2020, 12:13 a.m. 0 Report Embed 0
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