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philips luema
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philips lumea prestige bri956/60 review

all you need to know about my new philips lumea

Philips Lumea is an alternative solution to traditional hair removal methods for long lasting results for painless hair removal. It is a low-cost method if you compare the sessions of clinics and beauty centers with the price of the device is equal to the price of one session or two sessions of clinics that require 7- 10 sessions to remove at least full hair.


Philips Lumea Hair Removal is the world's best long-lasting laser hair removal device. The Philips Lumea is the world's most famous laser and IPL device. The TRIA machine uses diode laser, IPL and Remington also because of its speed and quality. Other devices in addition to the decrease or lack of pain ratio, unlike other devices. And finally thanks to the availability of multiple accessories to areas of the body and the number of flashes large in addition to the lenses of a size suitable for all areas of the body. 

Philips lumea prestige ipl bri956/60 Features:

The number of flashes Philips 250 thousand flash, enough for 5-10 years use at least the least.

Quick results can be observed after 3-4 sessions, ie only two months a significant reduction of hair by up to 90%.

The hair is reduced almost permanently in less than a year, and then used once or twice a year to ensure that the hair does not grow again.

One device, which represents a complete solution to remove hair from your entire body (face, body and sensitive areas) you will not need any other device or other way to get rid of unwanted hair, and does not need gel or creams before or after treatment.

It is painless when used, and the highest level of energy that causes mild sting is not compared to the palms or other traditional methods of hair removal.

A large 4 cm treatment lens enables quick treatment of the body's areas, enough half an hour to treat the entire body.

Precision accessories for face and sensitive areas provide easy handling of small and narrow areas that are difficult to handle.

The evaluation of the device and the level of satisfaction by users is very high (the highest among IPL and home laser devices) through the evaluations of electronic stores and surveys and published by many Arab and foreign women in blogs and forums expressing complete satisfaction with the device and recommend it, Experiments.

One integrated device does not need replacement parts and that means no to extra costs (light bulb does not need to switch).

There are two wired and wireless versions to choose from, and the latest version of Philips Lumea comes with a wired and wireless feature on the same device.

It is safe on the body and skin, where a filter is integrated with the unintentional radiation and UV filter, and flashes are released only when the device is placed correctly on the body.

Very easy to use, it only requires pressing the power button and getting started.

Equivalent results of laser clinics, with a significant savings in the cost of treatment paid on laser sessions in salons and outpatient clinics, especially since the device stays 5-10 years less at least less without paying any additional costs.

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