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Exciting times

I am excited to say this time I managed to get my stories onto the ranking list. for three things. that's absolutely insane. I am so excited and thank you all for showing the support behind my novels and stories in their entirety. I didn't think my poetry would catch on at all. thanks so much for that.

I was most shocked by that when I logged in today. I am so grateful for each view, follow, membership, purchase and all the sharing and support. Every time I update is a huge inspiration, I thrive with you all interacting with me on my profiles, stories and blogs. I want to say thanks yet again.

So, as an extra surprise, I have decided to move in some books here to the platform, which has never before been revealed, so keep an eye on my announcements. you all motivate me and I want to express this with my utmost gratitude. I am excited to also expand on the library of books I currently am expanding upon.

I will keep you all posted as frequently as possible, although sometimes my personal life and writing queue is rather overwhelming at times. I will still always post often for everything I can. Right now my main focuses are Kinship and the second installment to the 'An Abrupt Incitement series', which I have some announcements to make for that as well.

See you all soon.

Cam A. Roze.

March 6, 2023, 12:47 a.m. 0 Report Embed 1

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