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“Dear Little Girl”, is my taking a deeper look into forgiveness and openly reflecting on my childhood traumas. What would I say to her if I could go back in time?
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Dear Little Girl,

Oh how small you use to be, knowing nothing about the unraveling of your world.

Oh how small you use to be, with no shoes to even fill.

Someone, somewhere said, "A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love".

Where were your miracles, little girl?

I'm sorry.

I would wrap you in my embrace and pat your head.

I love you little girl.

All of those mean boys and men, they didn't know love. They couldn't have.

Maybe the people who did those terrible things never grew to learn how to let love in.

Maybe they had far too much hate in their heart.

Maybe they just weren't smart.

You're smart little girl.

You were scared, little girl.

How could you not be. Your abuse was never ending. It's all you knew for so long.

You didn't know love either. Until love walked in when you were 19 Years old.

Love was a safe face from your childhood. Love wasn't a man. Love was a woman. Love didn't stop there. love grew and love went away. Love became a different face. A different woman.

Little girl, while you sleep in the night and hug your pillow tight, I whisper to you, "Everything's going to be alright."

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