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corechatzy Core €cStatics Omniscience. Noun: omniscience |óm'ni-shuns| The state of being omniscient; having infinite knowledge. With this ability, God showed me how one area of bad can affect the whole body!
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God is Omniscience

The body is a facinating machine. Built up of bones, organs, tissues and with the capacity to choose.

The health of the mind determine the external while the person's spirituality, determines other complexities.

The complex system in the spiritual way needs to be health even more than our physical man.

When the body desires to be healed oftentimes we take it to the doctor. Or nana.. or the drug store. But how do you know your spiritual man is in need?

Your system can be hungry while your stomach is fine. But let's work on this point first.

While you are in the body of Christ and unwell you can not be as sufficiently operative as you should be!

A single cell is as important as the whole and when one cell goes bad you believe because the body repairs itself and replaces that one, all is well?

What it does is what will happen to you if you then are a cell!

An injury to the body means the soldiers of the body the white blood cell cooperate to defend the body's system and instantly restore it's immunity.

In the body of Christ, if I am not giving the health to the organization I am connected to I can be removed!

This I speak in relation to the body being a member in the body of Christ. I'm not referring to the church.

I saw the problem. Now if you are able to see what you lack as a person, as we are like cells in the tree or a body..

The word says take heed how you stand less you fall too. So to understand this. You have to go deep. A wound is a greivious thing to bear.

Cancer begins by attacking one cell then it develops. If you can zoom in on those little things, you also may discover what you thought you had.. does not complete you neither does it complement you.

How does a omniscience God knows?

Because you are in His body!

When we pray, He knows all and sees all and sometimes, what we go praying for is not more important than the need He sees that needs to be mended.

Practice should be that common until it is a habit. You know we have to prioritize right? Well can we blame God?

When we are reminded to be aware of what we can fix I believe God did good by making us a priority.

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▀▄▀▄▀▄ HE IS OMNISCIENCE ▄▀▄▀▄▀

Noun: omniscience


The state of being omniscient; having infinite knowledge.

Today I can say it is great,a great day to be alive. What's so special about it? It's not that I'm alive because truly..I'm not that big about it. To me living and life isn't a big deal. But, something made sense today and it's all because of God.

I went to pray. and do not think because I'm a Christian,I shouldn't write it speak what I do or experience. I'm quite happy I have inkspire go help me launch my writing and share with readers and followers.. really.

Today, however, after I had a moment of prayer..., let me first ask do you always know what you want to talk about when you pray,? I don't. So today was one of those days. When I reached a certain place, I was amazed at what I saw. I didn't see you of course but me! And the book of st John' chapter 15 is what came to mind.

God, is Omniscience. You may know this but have you experienced an x-ray? Now this is just God so let me explain something.

When you are in the body of Christ, God expects you to be well. God expects your 💯%. But this is not so!

What I found in me, looked awful and I was guilty. But I give thanks I can repent and make my way, my thoughts and outward attitude better!

I found I was lacking in diligence, and honestly if I lack in what pertains to God I'ma lack too in my natural life!

We have the spiritual and the physical..

I researched and got these.

Noun: omniscience


The state of being omniscient; having infinite knowledge.

Do you actually have a personal, growing relationship with the creator of the universe? Or do you simply know a lot about him?

Head knowledge is great, but it won’t get you into the kingdom of God. You need heart knowledge to have eternal life with Christ.

What happened is this: when your body has an ailment, it will eventually leave a message for the body to attend to it. In the body of Christ,God uproots weeds and cuts off what is going to be a problem. If the problem can be resolved, He makes room for it to get supplied.

I saw I needed to do more for my spiritual growth as well my life outside of, or on the external.

With His eyes of wisdom and love He showed me a fault and one I can do more about.

I hope and pray you find what is missing or lacking and do something about it. Bless. (may write more series on this topic upon request)

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