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Greed is covetousness

My my my... I thought writing this would be easy. Then taking time to look it through, there is so much more to it than I can explain.

But let me start here. The park was empty today and the few person's I met out walking were a better day in the making as I loved the quiet and less 'good morning' to passer-byes.

The mango tree looked good and so also were the mangoes on the ground.

I picked up a good amount and if you know the rice bag , (basmati) you'd get the picture of the size I had with me. The bag was half full, and I circled the ground one last time before I decided to go.

However I looked up and the ones I saw on the tree looked tempting. They should come home with me too!

Do you think I was fair, after the tree gave me of itself I was ready to stone it?

This caused me to think ๐Ÿค”.

Is it because I do not have enough or is it just my weak will that came to the surface to remind me of my human nature?

I remember the 10 commandments and one of them is love thy neighbor as yourself, it's right there.

It's greed, however you look at it. Coveting is a sin against God and man.

This may appear simple to you, but it makes waves to me. Simple things promote bigger things. It starts from a seed, then grows to become a huge tree, transforming the person. Greed, is bad. Look inside yourself and see if you are throwing stones when or where you shouldn't. Bless

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