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New Inkspired updates

On Inkspired we are working hard every day to bring you the best user experience in reading and writing fiction stories online. We design and build tools, services, and even challenges especially tailored for you to keep you ahead of your writing game, or be able to recommend you the stories that you may love read.

Coming July, we look back to the start of the year, and we have realized the huge milestones that we have achieved together during these last 6 months. We have launched new programs, new features, we created new writing contests, brought you new languages, improved our recommendations systems, fixed hundreds of technical bugs, and increased our magnificent community of writers and readers. And, what is even better is that we are never gonna stop!

Here is a brief recap of the things we have soft-launched in the past few weeks:

New reading experience

As you may have noticed, a few weeks ago we changed the way you read stories.

Now all the chapters are separated by pages. As an avid reader, this helps you to browse easily across chapters, comment on them faster, and also help your favorite authors with great reviews every time you finish reading one. It just made sense for everyone, and the reaction has been great :)

Writing Contests

As you may have noticed, we have been running Writing Contests in English, Spanish and Portuguese for a while. To fully enter Inkspired official contests, apart of submitting your stories and properly tag them, from now on you will need to click on "Participate now" in the contest you would like to enter, on our Writing Contests page. We are also opening them so you, as an Inkspired member, can create your own Inkspired writing contests, competitions or challenges. Want to create one? E-mail your proposal to us at [email protected]

Notification systems

The notifications have been improved and will still get new improvements soon. We have separated the types of notifications you get on our website into 3 categories: Account, My Stories, and Communities, so now you don't have to browse across dozens of notifications to find the ones that you really care about. You will soon have this same functionality on the iOS and Android apps, whenever our next mobile updates are available.

Writer's Guide

We have a new free writer's guide available for you in English and Spanish, right in our Online Academy section. Get some pro-tips about how to focus on writing and choosing the right story type directly from the fabulous Jackie, our Content Manager. Some extra help when you reach your author's block could actually be handy hey! ;)

Happy Reader Set

We have created a fun reader's guide, and designed an Inkspired reading calendar plus a door hanger for everyone who invites 3 friends to join our platform! :) Yes, that's right, and it's totally free of course. Just invite your friends using your referral link available in your dashboard, and when 3 friends sign up using that link, you will get an e-mail with a downloadable file.

Rewards Program

Our brand new Rewards Program is part of an ambitious plan we have. It's now working, and it is totally transparent to your daily Inkspired usage. From now, everything you do will get you credit points. Being a writer or just a reader of Inkspired is now paying off, and will do so literally in the near future ;)

Want to read more about it? Check out our Rewards Program page for all the details.


And, we are hiring! Yes, we are. Check out our careers board here and reach us if you believe you can make an impact in our quest to make reading and writing online fiction better.

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BETA readers

Inkspired's Writer Premium subscription has a new benefit, and it's amazing! From today, you will be able to request BETA readers for your chapters and get direct feedback from readers in our community. That's right. You will be able to be read by selected volunteers from our community (real avid readers) that can provide you a series of feedback based on the kind of insight you would like to have. At the moment, it's available for our Premium Subscribers in annual plans only.

How does it work?

  • Choose the chapter you would like to be read up to 5,000 words. 
  • Click on the new "Request BETA readers" icon in the right side of the editor screen.
  • Write down some notes about the specific things you would like the readers to give you feedback on; for example, "the description of a setting", " character's decision", "the narrative", etc...
  • Submit your request, and that's it. 
  • On our side, we will match your chapter with readers in our community who are interested in the category you are writing. We will update you when we have the first batch of comments.
  • You will get these comments from up to 5 readers in between 2 to 15 days, containing answers to what you requested and giving you recommendations on how to improve your story.

You can request BETA readers twice a month, and trust us: feedback in general, and be read by real persons, is invaluable when writing a new story. It could take it to new heights.

For now BETA readers are limited to stories in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. We plan to expand our language availability to German, French, and Russian in the upcoming months.

Become a Premium Subscriber today and do not miss out this opportunity!

Happy writing!



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Online Academy

We are happy to announce a new section on Inkspired, taking us even closer to the mission of helping writers to grow as authors and connect them with career opportunities.

Today we announce the Online Academy, available for now in Spanish, with subtitles in English, and more languages to follow.

The Inkspired Online Academy contains a series of mini-videos aimed at aspiring authors with tips and advice on how to get better at writing and publishing. It will also help all of those who want to get started at writing, but don't know where to start yet. If you want to learn about how to write better fiction, this is the place for you. Jackie, as a passionate writer, will be helping us along the way with her very useful videos, and we will be adding even more from other established authors in the near future.

Very exciting times are coming to all of our Inkspired users. We don't stop, we go again :)

Happy writing everybody!

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Updates on Inkspired, Community Guidelines, updated FAQs and video tutorials

Hey guys, it's Galo here again. 

I'm bringing you some Inkspired updates today, to catch you up with what we have been adding recently to the platform. On Inkspired we are always worrying about our readers, writers, and community in general. You speak, and we listen. And as experience rapid growth in our community, especially from Spanish-speaking people, Brasil and Europe, we need to adapt to the demands of that growth.

That's why we have updated a few sections in our platform to make it easier for you and the new users to get started on Inkspired, and keep you focused on what you actually want to do: to read and to write.

FAQs & Video tutorials

This section has been changing recently. We have updated our Frequent Questions and Answers to the current stage of Inkspired, and updated it with the most popular features we have been incorporating recently. We have also translated them into Spanish and Portuguese, which is something we have been aiming at for quite a while since our communities in those languages are as strong as ever. You can expect content more straight-forward in helping you get your tasks done.

Also we have added additional material to the section in form of video tutorials with walkthroughs, available for now only in a selected few languages: we will be adding more over time. But we need everybody's help. If you speak German, French, or Russian, and want to volunteer for creating a video tutorial, we will be more than happy!

You can access the FAQ page here.

New Community Guidelines

As our community continues to grow, we felt the need to put some rules in place, to keep Inkspired a high-quality content place, and also keep it as a safe place for our readers and also writers. Following these guidelines are part of the Terms of Use of Inkspired, and they are set of norms related to writing and publishing of original content, handling copyrighted content, and also behavior between users.

Here you can read our new Community Guidelines, available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Other important news and updates

We have already told you about these ones in our Inkspired Newsletter, but here is again a brief summary in case you missed out:

  • New community groups added in Spanish and Portuguese!
  • We are regularly updating our Android app, which has been having problems lately, and we have fixed most of the bugs that it had before.
  • We are receiving "Microfiction/Flash fiction" stories of up to 500 characters since we are close to releasing a new Inkspired format for publishing. You can post them in the respective community group available in your language, or submit them to [email protected]. Requirements: 500 characters (not words) or less; have a title; include 3 descriptive #hashtags.
  • We made some improvements in your Pocket Library and your notification's preferences on Settings.
  • We have new categories on LGBT+, Memoir & Life Stories, and Comics.
  • We finally have our selected first batch of Ambassadors. You can check them out at the Ambassador Page.

Say Hello to Inko

Last but not least, we want to announce our new Inkspired staff member: Inko. He is a bit..., flat, as you may have noticed, but we promise he is quite charming, a passionate writer, smart and modern, and he is committed to making some cameos here and there to guide you through the Inkspired experience, apps, and platform ;)

That's all for now, folks. Happy reading and writing! :)

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