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Neilan Gianelli
The life is wonderful but sometimes we forget that the beauty is in the little things.
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The sky

I´m sure you thing i´m a weirdo, first the wind and now the sky, maybe i am but i´m sure of one thing, in your life at least one time you looked the sky and smile. The sky... there a lot of thing that i like about him, but there is one in particular that i like a lot, sometimes happen in sunset and other times in sunrise but i prefer the sunset.

I remember walking after school, i was alone kicking stones with my shoes, i don´t remember if it was cold but i thing it was in fall, i remember the leaves in the street and when i was kicking the stones i heard a bird and then i look up, and it was there like always, the sky ... but today was different, today was pink, the clouds seems painted, i freeze watching, i couldn't stop, the colors, the clouds it was like the world stopped for a moment and in that moment i feel peace, the sky, the pink sky make me feel peace.

The sky was always there of course but sometimes we forget about him, i like to thing that he has moods you know, just like us, sometimes he cry with the rain, sometimes is happy with the sun and sometimes he don´t know, so the sun appears in company with the rain.

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The wind

Have you ever ask yourself about your favourite thing in life? Recently i asked that question and i thing is a bit dumb but i realize that i like the wind, weird right? But not all winds, let me explain.

In winter i like to walk, i like the process before go out of my home, you know, get dressed, get my jacket and my scarf and if is very cold my winter hat. Then when i´m outside and i start walking then the magic happens, i start to feel the wind in my face, the cold wind, when is winter i like to feel the cold wind in my face you know, so cold that my face turns red and in that moment i close my eyes, in that small moment i feel alive, the wind make me feel alive, the winter wind, the cold wind.

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