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dishap Disha Pegu A usual evening turned into the most haunting experience. 0 reviews

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A lot of questions..

I was excited that evening to get home and bake the most awaited pineapple cake for my boyfriend. Finished up the last bit of work, I packed my things and rushed to my car. The road to home from work can be quite eerie at times as most of my friends and colleagues have mentioned overtime, with the dense pine trees hovering over the entire road, but it was more soothing for me. That evening, I was quite cheerful, I drove with my windows open and the music louder than usual. Suddenly I heard a loud thud and there stops my car in the middle of the road! I came out of the car anxiously to check what's wrong. Spent 20 minutes with all my mechanical skills but failed! Home was just 15 minutes away and it was almost dark. The pine trees and the soothing road started to feel chilly. I called my boyfriend to pick me up, as I knew he would come almost flying on his motorbike in 5 minutes and then we could take care of the broken car! He picked up my call almost instantly, excited about our pineapple cake, but got alarmed hearing about the car. I waited 10 minutes and saw the headlight of his motorbike approaching me, I smiled in relief. As he was approaching, I noticed he had a friend sitting behind him, he parked the bike on the other side of the street, both of them got down, his friend stood near the motorbike while he came to me. He hugged me and asked, "shall we go to the nearest garage?", I stood there with a confused look. He looked and asked again, "let's go?". I smiled and asked him, "won't you introduce me to your friend?". The reply I got made me freeze, "which friend are you talking about?". He took my hands and we walked towards his motorbike, I sat down behind him while the person who came with him kept staring at us with a devilish smirk as we drove away. I never talked about it to my boyfriend. I have tried my best to forget this incident yet I remember it again and again!

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