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Well I've been writing since I was 14. But since then I've been working on my books and making them better. Writing is something I cannot do with out or else my active imagination runs rampant on my friends and family. Lol. I have many ideas for a future book series and then I have many short stories I have written, but never published. I also have two fanfictions I've been working on, but those are on another website. Udall, United States.
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Auravon: The Prophesied Liberator

There is a dark prophecy that once told of a Liberator, a savior of light, that would come in on dark wings and breathe flames of light. Auravon, a planet hidden at the edge of the Milky Way, has been tormented by the Sarulian Conqueror. Seven ...
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Arias Beginning

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte This story is based of a character of mine, I use on an online role play with a friend of mine. It takes place in Aria Castellan's past and how she went through her struggles of being the bastard daughter of the Dark Lord over Valhalla.
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