Adrian Rapon

Silly Corp, and arch-villain corporation which do their best for interrupt Adrian and Always life and not exactly with good purposes. (That's my first Engish write. Please patient and understanding if there's any misspeeling)

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An Adrian Rapon history little fragment (ENGLISH)

It was a day immersed in the gloom the clouds created, with hardly letting pass any sun lightnings. Hurricane winds and the strongly storm were the only way of activity that gave life to the gloomy landscape that rough weather had been made.

Always and I were sitting in the sofa. She was reading aloud a book which she bought a few days ago on a library at city outskirts.

Her name can confuse a little bit. She’s argentinian, although her parents liked to name their sons with English words, like clearly was reflected in her sister’s name; Light Blue.

The only thing that wars interrupting that soiree weren’t the thunders and the sound of the rain. It was Alexa’s cryings, which were showing itself by a baby monitor. She was born on June, so she was under one year old at that moment.

-Enough for today, this type of readings makes me bore.- Told Always in unison while she was shutting the book, putting it on a sofa side and approaching to me with a racy smile.

-Have this ulterior motives?-. Rarely times I had seen Always like this, so her personality had always been quiet, and although loving, she made difficult to notice. Even so, the fact that book bored him didn’t surprise me, because the book was shabby and siddy and she used to read news by Neuronal Net Interface. That day the torrential rain, the crunchy fire of our fireplace and the wind whistle joined together in a magic night.

Fast Forward>>>

The next day, Alexa’s weepings woke me up. At open my eyes I could notice Always absence. We slept together, but I thought she woke up earlier and went to living room.

At hearing the sobs, I went to Alexa’s bedroom to see what’s happened.

Alex was in the cradle. She have just woke up and wanted to have her breakfast, so I putted her in my arms and carried her to the living room.

My surprise was that no one answered to my “good morning” I said at the moment I entered at that room. I quickly realized that Always was no longer there.

Not in the bathroom, not in the kitchen, not outside. If she had came out, she probably noticed me as she always do.

I putted Alexa on the sofa and prepared the boiling feeding bottle.

Ready to return to bedroom to search for any evidence, I distinguished Always interface above the table. I approached at the interface and I could see that that it stills turned on, showing a Peltaburg City news page, which Always often used to visit.

So that an interface won’t turn off by inactivity, if not by voice control after the observer wanted to leave it, it was necessary to activate an useless mode of the device called “immortal mode”, which Always never did.

She used “glass mode”, a safety shutdown which transform the device into a glass sheet unbreakable which only could be reactivated with facial recognition of one of registered users.

That thing made me spin ends and quickly reach a conclusion.

I called Always brother to take care Alex the time I were out and then I left toward to the ship crash site.

Silly Corp had done it again

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