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it's Lily, a blonde girl with black eyes who loves to sing, her favorite color is red with different shades, her favorite flower is blue and purple lily, she really enjoys spending time with friends . and try to be friends with everyone. Learn more about her in this unusual story.

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New life, new house, What adventures await us?

Hello, I am Liliana María Rizos Peñafiel daughter of Alberto Rizos and Cecilia Peñafiel. It all started with a moving trip to a city that was unknown to us, a place where my whole life changed radically.

-Here begins my incredible journey! which would last approximately two days. The reason for that trip was due to a job offer for my parents in an aquarium called ¨Marine life¨ that was in that city, so we decided to move to a house that was three hours from there.

My parents are marine biologists since they have lived in the ocean for a long time from a very young age, studying the different species that live there.

While traveling, I was very excited to get to that city quickly because I wanted to see our new home since for the first time we would have our own home. In the past we lived in an apartment so small that it had three rooms and a bathroom that had to be shared without excuse. This time we would have a bedroom and a bathroom for each one, that was fantastic for me, since everyone would have their privacy.

I am the oldest of three brothers, I only live with two of them; Melisa, 8 years old and Steve, 11 years old. My other sister Mayra, 13, lives in Spain with uncles and the date of her return is still unknown.

On the trip, I was able to enjoy the scenery that nature offers. When the trip ended we went directly to our new house, the moment we arrived we were delighted, we entered and immediately chose a room for each one. We decided to start unpacking the suitcases, but the truck our things were in had not arrived, we waited a while and it was getting very late, we were also so tired that the only thing we could do in those circumstances was to put a quilt, a pillow, a sheet on the floor and we slept there.

The next day, in the morning, the truck arrives and I began to tidy up my room. I painted the walls red and the columns black, hung some pictures on the wall to decorate, and my parents helped me with the furniture. And finally I fixed the smallest things.

-All ready and ordered as I like.

Then, when I finished ordering, I decided to take a walk through the streets of the neighborhood and asked my parents for permission, but they did not accept because they did not want me to be alone on the streets and I could not count on my brothers, they were tired from the trip and the house accommodation. On the contrary, I wanted to know the place, but there was nothing I could do, the only thing that occurred to me was to leave the house without permission with a little of my savings and without anyone knowing.

I walked and walked, having no idea where to go. At that time I came to a place called "Park of fun" where there were attractions like ice skating, mechanical games, outdoor exercise machines and it was also a place where you could have a picnic and among other things. And if someone were to organize a picnic, they would have to keep the area used clean.

-It's a very nice place!

I entered the park, I sat on the grass and I began to reflect on what I did, I started crying so much that everyone looked at me, suddenly two girls approached and one of them said to me:

-This is a place to have fun, not cry.

She wore a short jumpsuit of Italian chiffon, white background and floral print. Dropped sleeves with sparkles, gathered at the shoulders and waist. I also fly, at the bottom of the shorts.

I was so embarrassed since they were unknown to me.

And the other girl says:

-Don't listen to her, she's half crazy.

This other girl wore a short yellow dress with orange flowers and in her hair she wore a butterfly headband.

We talked a little bit about why he was crying and at one point we became very good friends. Mery is a girl with long wavy brown hair, black eyes, tanned skin and the most outgoing; Jessica, a girl with straight brown hair, light brown eyes, warm skin and her personality was just the opposite. They told me that they had always been from the city since they were very young and also best friends.

Then they went to their residences and I stayed because I still didn't want to go home. I was afraid to return without any explanation! I stood up and walked aimlessly, thought better of it and said to myself:

"I'm a fool, I shouldn't have run away from home!" Suddenly he heard screams that obviously came from a young woman:

-Please help! Help! I ran to the place where the voice is heard and came to a river.

In that river there was a girl who was drowning, which motivated me to take a dip to help her, luckily I managed to get her out safe and sound, at that precise moment a special connection was generated between the two. In that instant I knew that she would be my adventure partner. Her name is Estrellita Estrella, a girl with dark brown hair and brown eyes. She wore a white blouse with the drawing of a woman with round glasses, also light blue tight pants. And she turned out to be new to the city like me.

Time passed and while we were chatting, it got pretty late, I said goodbye and went home. Once at home, I apologized to my parents for escaping and received a punishment of a week, but the truth is that I did not give it much importance since I met three good friends.

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