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IMAGITOPIA. “ WHERE ARE WE?” A journey to another world. A world unexpected, with magic and adventure. “ WE NEED TO HELP THEM.” came to save the world of magic… Imagitopia. ” I have come here to get my answers.” She has come to get her answer but get to all the answers before knowing it. Can Sophia and Alex, together save IMAGITOPIA?

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Death was near but I came back to know the truth! Last chapter♥️

I followed them and heard the very conversation that they never told me nor did I get to know.

“You remember what the soothsayer said back 30 years ago?” Uncle asked Aunt.

“Yes, I remember. That means that we have to grow her away from the world till she turns 15.”

“I think you’re right. She is the Princess, and we have to take care of her. Even though we left Imagitopia many years ago.” Uncle Harry said.

“What? Uncle Harry and Aunt are from Imagitopia?”

“Then let’s keep it a secret from her, I really wanted a baby. If there is ever any sign that it is her time to leave, then we shall send her.” Aunt said.

Everything blacked out yet again, this time I didn’t walk ahead. I stood still, I started to hear voices, I heard people calling my name. Memories started to come back to me.

I sat down and closed my ears, “No- no- stop it. Please stop it! What is happening,”

“Alex where are you? Aunt, Uncle? Please get me out from here.” I cried for somebody to listen.

“I want to know who I am, where I came from, who was that baby?” I cried and cried.

I wanted to go back, go back to my world, my family, my friend, Alex, Calflas and… my parents.

“Just go back...”

Then I felt as if the ground breaked, I closed my eyes and started to fall in the darkness. Tears falling one after another. I started to miss the moments I had shared with everyone in Imagitopia.

“Sophia please come back!” Emma’s voice came.

“Emma? Am I still hearing voices? Am I still in the darkness.” I opened my eyes as I felt light coming.

I saw light as I opened my eyes. “Am I in Heaven?” I looked around to see everyone. The room was filled with everyone, Liam, Lilly, Calflas, Ethan, Kafrin, Kyra, Joseph, Emma, Alice, Princess Lara and there were kings and queens of every kingdom.

I looked beside me only to see Alex, “Alex!” I hugged him.

“Am I still dreaming?” I asked.

“I believe that I am real,” He replied. EVeryone came and hugged me, “We all missed you.”

“EVen the greatest magician over here in Imagitopia said that you died.” Lilly said.

“We are so happy that you’re alive.”

“Upi Upi!” Calflas came and hugged me tightly.

“Now I know why you stick to me so much,” I said to Calflas politely. I remembered about the King and Queen.

“Ethan, Kyra, did you both find the Queen?” I asked.

They both looked down and shocked their heads, “Liam, can you take me to a place where there is snow?”

“There is no such place in Imagitopia that is covered fully with ice.” Liam replied.

I remembered the Queen's words, “You’ll come to save your parents.” my mood turned sad.

“Even though there is no place covered with snow in Imagitopia, there is a world that was once cursed by an evil, and from then that world is called the snow world as per the name that world is covered with snow. No one has ever gone there,” Kyra said.

“Please take me there.” I said.

“But why?”

“You’ll know once I am finished.” I replied.

“Okay then, let's go there.”

“Mhm. I’ll check out with Liam, till then you all are here.”

“I am also coming.” Alex said.

“But...” I hesitated.

“I am also coming,” Ethan said.

“But anything could happen there...” I said.

“See you have the power now, so we can’t actually make an effort to lose you. Anyway you shouldn’t do these things yet you don’t listen to anyone except yourself.” Alex said.

“You make that sound really off.” I replied.

“Sorry, so can we join?”

“Aah… Yes.” I replied.

“So let's go,” Liam said.

He brought a door from his magic and we all went there. “Sophia is this the place that you wanted to come?” Liam asked.

“This place is just like that one, but I’m not sure.” I replied.

“So let’s check for the thing that you wanted, by the way what is it. If you would tell us then we can help you find it.” Alex said.

“Aaaa… (I see a blue light coming from a far distance.) I’ll tell you in a moment.” After saying this I started walking towards that light.

“Follow me,” I said.

“As you say.” They replied.

We walked and walked and walked, but we couldn’t find anything. “Are we going to find that?” Ethan asked.

“I’m sure,” I said.

I stopped after walking for many minutes, a weird sensation started to cover my body. I closed my eyes and focused. Then I saw a light in the black, I started walking even though I didn’t know where I was walking. After walking for some time.

We reached there, I opened my eyes. “Is this what you wanted to find?” Alex asked. There were two figures covered in ice, all white. The figure wasn’t visible.

“Yes,” I said and started moving the snow off.

“Looks like we’ll have to help.” Ethan said.

After taking out the snow we stepped back to have a clear look at the freezed thing. And there stood the king and queen.

Tears dropped my eyes, “Mom, dad...”

“Mom?! Dad?!” Hey Sophia, Are you alright?” Alex asked.

I put my hands onto my face and started crying. At last, I couldn't save my parents even though I saved others.

“They are the King and Queen, don’t worry we can still save them.” Liam said.

Ethan and Liam both started doing magic, and after some time a cold hand touched my hands. I removed my hands and saw them, “Mom!” I shouted and hugged her.

“Utopia, I really missed you very much.”

“Sorry, it took so long...” I said.

“I am really happy to see you back anyway.” She said.

At last I had someone whom I could call Parents.

“Can we all know what this family drama is?” Ethan asked.

“I’ll tell you...” I told everyone what happened after I was not there. How I came to know the truth and everything.

“Dad I wanted to know one more thing.” I said.

“Did you both already know about Uncle Harry and Aunt?”

“Well yes.”

Dad and mom told me the whole story. Aunt was from Imagitopia, and Uncle was from Earth. Uncle Harry by mistake came into Imagitopia and when Aunt and they met, they fell in love with each other and got married.

After which Uncle Harry asked the king, my dad if he could take back to Earth. Dad allowed him yet in a condition that he would never let anyone know about this.

I knew and had all the answer’s and was very happy to know that I had everyone, family, friends and parents.

“Oh, so that it.” Alex said. “I’m happy that you have got your answer’s Princess Utopia.” Liam said.

I smiled and said, “Friends do not call princesses, I won’t mind if you call me Utopia or Sophia.”

We all went back to Imagitopia with the King and Queen. After reaching there we all had a very grand ceremony for the power’s that I got and for having a princess who could rule after her Parents.

As for lordess Christiann, she went to a jail and her powers were taken from her. And her Daughter as she helped, became my cousin and lives with us.

Alex has to go know?!

After we were done with everything, mom and dad called me. As I reached the room admiring the princess title and the crown, I reached the room.

Alex was also there, “What is it mom?”

“We think it's the time that the two friends depart.”

“What do you mean?” I asked and looked at Alex.

“You see daughter, Alex is not from Imagitopia and he has to leave now.”

“But… Can’t he wait a little more?” I asked.

“I wish I could but if someone gets to know about this world. Then maybe this world will be in danger.” Alex said.

“Himmm...” I thought for a while. “Mom, dad, even though we have just met. I wanted to see Uncle and Aunt on Earth. Please mom, if Alex can’t stay here than I will also go with him.”

“But daughter...” Dad said.

“Please?” I said.

After requesting with them for some time, they finally let me go. Only in a condition that I will visit them every spring.

“Okay dad, condition excepted.” I said.

“Upi Upi,” Calflas who had heard the conversation was upset.

“Oh, Calflas. Don’t worry. Lemme just turn you to an earthling pet.” I thought of a dog and then transformed Calflas into a dog. Now you can also come with me.

I hugged both my parents and we all went back to Earth. Waiting for another adventure to begin!

The End…...

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