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catzdirection Catarina Pereira

olivia sees her life fall apart when chad is pronounced dead in a car accident. what olivia didn’t expect, is that six months later, she would be receiving messages from someone claiming to be her boyfriend. but she knew it was impossible. after all, ghosts don't exist. or do exist?

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Bad News

I’m feeling a little bit confused when I see my parents alongside Claire and her boyfriend, together, in the living room at my sister’s house. I squint my eyes, still sensitive to the light and walk towards them.

It has been years since we were all together in the same place without anyone raising their voices. And although it's what I have always wanted since my sister moved out due to a huge and serious argument with our parents, this scene before me, really started to creep me out.

Peter still had his police uniform on and looked very serious while talking to my parents and Claire.

When the blonde noticed my presence, he quickly fell silent, making it clear to the rest of the family that I was in the room. I raise my eyebrows at the action and cross my arms against my chest.

«Good morning?!» I kinda ask, not sure how to interact with them in the face of the silence that hung in the air.

My mother quickly gets off the couch as soon as she listens to my voice, and walks towards me, hugging me.

Although Claire moved out, I decided to come after her because she is my sister no matter what and I love her too much to let her go.

There is mommy’s or daddy’s girl, but I am and always will be my sister’s girl and I like her attention very much. So, that’s why I followed her in her “I wanna be independent” thing.

«Is everything ok?» I ask, even though I’m pretty sure that it’s not.

When I don’t get any straight answer, I look directly at my sister, who can’t even look me in the eyes.

«Claire!» I try to get her attention but fail miserably.

«Olivia, honey, why don’t you sit down?» I raise my eyebrow, while my mother guides me to the couch, where I refuse to sit.

«No! I will sit down when my sister can look at me!» For some reason, I felt a weight on my chest which made my breathing labored. Anxiety is the name.

When Claire finally takes a look at me, I'm shocked when I see her cheeks all red and wet because of the tears that drop from her green eyes.

«Claire, what’s going on?» I’m walking towards her, nervous.

«Bad news, I’m afraid, Liv.» She finally speaks between sighs. Claire takes a deep breath and points to the couch behind me. With the sleeve of her pajama, she wipes her tears after sitting in front of me, on the side table. «Olivia, there was an accident.»

For a few seconds, the silence is back on and I start to be more impatient.

«An accident?»

«Chad’s car was found in the river with the front glass broken.» Peter continues, realizing that Claire couldn’t break my heart like that.

Even then, I look to my sister, hoping that this was all a bad joke. But she doesn't say a single word.

It’s real. The floor has just been removed from my feet. My heart squeezes and my stomach twitches in pain.

«No.» I let the anguished escape. «It's not possible. Tell me it's not true. Please.» The words come out on a thread, hampered by the big lump that forms in my throat. My breath is labored and I can't reason.

«The police have reasons to believe that he didn’t survive the impact.» I cover my mouth with my hands in an attempt to stifle the crying and sobbing that my throat was desperately trying to expel.

It was like my world has been ripped out of my arms and there wasn't anything that I could do to get him back.

Chad is dead.

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Galo Vargas Galo Vargas
Hi Catarina. I'm from the Inkspired's Verification Team and I would love to verify your story. However, before doing so, I would need you to fix a few grammar and spelling mistakes, including the correct punctuation and "capital letters" at the beginning of the sentences. When you have done so, please reply to this message :)

  • Catarina  Pereira Catarina Pereira
    Hi. I did my best and I think it's done! I fixed the grammar and some other mistakes! I'm from Portugal and I'm translating my own story, so, if you see any mistakes, please tell me! Thank you. 2 weeks ago

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