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Joanna Joestar

The year was 1999, it was fall in a small town in Indiana, Evansville. A natural disaster had struck the city, near the outskirts of the town along a highway. A neighborhood, along with multiple buildings, a gas station, and a McDonald's was destroyed. No one had survived. The area was quarantined off from the public. The police had been warned off, this was a government matter.

The government had shut down the highway, you must take a detour to get around. The government enlisted the help of a third party to assist in the investigation of this natural disaster. It is theorized that this natural disaster wasn't very natural. They needed experts on this case.

A car pulled into the edge of the destruction. A man in a suit got out of the driver's seat and opened the back door. An old white man stepped out. He was surprisingly tall and bulky for looking like a sack of raisins. From the other back door exited an even taller Asian man. He wore a white trench coat and a white hat that seemed to meld into his hair.

"Professor Kujo, Mr. Joestar, thank you for coming!" an older man in an American army uniform yelled, approaching the two.

The man in the suit got back in the car and drove off. The three shook hands.

"Why'd you call us here, this looks like a normal disaster to me." Kujo said.

"Well, yes. But, everyone who died at the scene wasn't killed by the tornado, and the only survivor is completely uninjured." the general explained.

"Well, then the survivor did this." Mr. Joestar said.

"They called us here to find the cause of this, not just assume the cause." Kujo said.

"Oh," Mr. Joestar mumbled, scratching his head.

"It's the not the survivor. She's just a little girl." The general stated.

"Well, if you want us to help, we'll have to talk to her, get some information," Kujo said, he looked to the old man, "Grandpa, go talk to the girl, I'll survey the area."

Kujo walked to the center of destruction, he stood in one position and made a 360, monitoring everything. There was nothing to see, nothing out of the ordinary. This was out of Professor Kujo's league, he was a marine biologist, not a meteorologist. Another field he is fluent in is the paranormal, which is why he is here. The government fears this may be the work of a stand user.

Professor Kujo Jataro, and Joseph Joestar were both stand users as well. They had expensive combat experience, just a few months ago, Jotaro had disposed of a serial killer in Japan, he was a stand user who could turn anything he touched into a bomb an detonate it at will.

"What do ya think Professor?" the general asked.

"Nothing is out of the ordinary, and Star Platinum isn't detecting anything either." Jotaro responded.

"I see, so we may just be paranoid." the general sighed.

"You said the victims weren't killed by all this, may I see the bodies?" Jotaro asked.

"I'm sorry Professor, but we've already relocated them to a secure facility, and you don't have the clearance to be in that facility," the general explained.

"I can't be of anymore help then," Jotaro explained. "C'mon old man, we're leaving!" he called out to his grandfather.

The old man scurried to Jotaro's side. Jotaro signaled the driver from his cell phone.

"What'd you learn from the girl gramps?" Jotaro asked.

"Her name is Joanna, and she's a stand user," Joseph answered.

Jotaro looked down at Joseph. "Did you tell anyone else?"

Joseph shook his head letting Jotaro know that only they knew. Jotaro walked back over to the general after instructing Joseph to fetch the girl.

"The Speedwagon Foundation will taking the girl into custody," Jotaro claimed.

"That's sound like a statement rather than a question," the general responded.

"Because it is."

The general approached Jotaro, he looked up ans stared him down.

"You don't scare me freak. I don't care what super powers you have! I am a United States Government General, this is my country! I won't listen to some freakish jap!" the general yelled.

"Fuck off," Jotaro said, turning his back to the general.

He placed his hand on Jotaro's shoulder. Something grabbed the general's wrist, and began to crush it. He screamed in agony and confusion. An invisible force just latched onto his arm and was ripping it apart.

This was a stand. To be exact, Star Platinum, the stand of Jotaro Kujo. The arm of the stand extended from Jotaro's back, only stand users can see stands, thats why the general could not see what was holing onto him.

Star Platinum's arm was all purple with white gloves that held nine gold balls on the knuckles. With the flick of a wrist, Star Platinum sent the general hurtling into some rubble.

The men under the general's command aimed their guns at Jotaro. The general yelled the order fire as he stumbled. But as the guns opened fire, there was no more target. Jotaro was gone. Down the highway was the car the two had arrived, within the car was Jotaro, Joseph, and the girl.


"We need to find a home for her," Jotaro said.

"She can stay with me," Joseph responded.

"You're going to adopt another kid... yare yare daze. What's grandma gonna think?" Jotaro asked.

"Oh she won't mind, I'm sure she'll be glad to have another kid around. She's Jolyne's age too, you can bring her over to play sometime," Joseph said.

"Whatever, I don't really care. Just keep her out of trouble." Jotaro mumbled, he walked out of the airport and headed towards the car waiting for him.

"Well little Joanna, this is your new home now." Joseph said, holding out his prosthetic hand for Joanna to take.

When she grabbed it, she felt around confused.

"I got a robot hand from a Nazi after an immortal gay stripper chopped my real one off." Joseph explained.

Joanna just became more confused, a four year old wasn't supposed to know what half of that meant. Joseph's car pulled in behind Jotaro's after it left and the two got in and headed to Joseph's home in New York City.

Joanna Joestar lived out her youth with her adopted parents Joseph Joestar and Suzie Q Joestar. Her real parents were never discovered, nor why she was in Evansville the day of that disaster. Shortly after her arrival to the Joestar family, her own stand developed. One thing that always vexed the Joestars was that somehow Joanna was apart of the family, she had the birthmark that every person in the Joestar bloodline had.

Instead of going to college after high school, like her parents wanted, Joanna went to the police academy. She became the youngest female police officer at the age of 18. She moved to a city on the east coast called Rivercrest, where she patrolled the streets for six years.


Now, it is present day, summer of 2019. Joanna and her turtle friend Polnareff awaited in Jotaro's office.

"I hate your friends," someone wined in a very gay French accent.

"Yeah they're something else," Joanna responded.

The double doors at the back end of the wall opened, an older Jotaro entered the ocean themed room, he sat down at the only desk in the room.

"What'd Giorno say?" Joanna asked.

"He found it, once your friend's pass the test and I send them in there, we'll have all five of them on lock down. Then we can exterminate them." Jotaro answered.

"Why do I have a feeling this won't go our way," Joanna complained.

"You're going to jinx us," Polnareff cried like the little bitch that he is.

"Shut up fag!" Joanna yelled.

"Play nice," Jotaro said. "You two will be working closely together, with the situation at hand, the arrow will need extra protection. I don't want one of those lunatics getting a hold of it. Especially the fat one, keep him under control, his obsession with Polnareff is problematic."

"What about Zeppeli, who will take his position?" Polnareff asked.

Joanna's face cringed. She watched her best friend vaporized. Hearing his name reminded her of the traumatizing event.

"I vote Rolag," Joanna spoke.

"Which one's that again?" Jotaro asked.

"The one that works us," Polnareff answered.

"You mean the one that works for me?"

"Shut up Jotaro!"

"Listen frenchie! Just cause your turtle doesn't mean I won't ora ora you!"

While the two men, if you can call Polnareff a man, continued arguing, Joanna received a text.

"I gotta go guys, the retard squad are at my place and Yui wants me there." Joanna explained as she exited the room.

"Have fun!" Polnareff called out.

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