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After Hannah Baker's trial and funeral, everything at Liberty High School has changed, but someone watches everything that occurs but without showing up. When new tapes are found, questions are raised: Did Hannah really die? Things get worse when they find out that the cemetery tombstone is empty ... Clay begins to wonder about that and the other whys as well. Maybe it's time to leave grief and grudges behind and maybe find Hannah, who can to be more alive than you think ...

Fan-Fiction Series/Doramas/Soap Operas Nicht für Kinder unter 13 Jahren.
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Tape 8,Side A

Hello again, it's me, Hannah Baker. Yes, myself. Alive and in stereo. It can accommodate you wherever you are and fine tune your cassette player or any device you want. But many must be thinking, "Am I not dead? .. No. I am not. The 11 reasons I didn't win the battle. But then I Anyway, the problems of that school go far beyond the whys of the previous tapes.

And yes, if you're asking, the rules are the same. Simple and straightforward. Listen to them all and move on to the next person. When you're done, put them in the mailbox and you can send to the next one. At number 13, this time don't send to hell. But at a proper address I'll pass. Yes, if that satisfies curiosity, I'm in Crestmont. Where? Who knows.I can be anywhere on the map that is next to the box.As can be just my voice.I notice everything that happens.I saw the judgment.I saw my funeral.And believe me, I am quite alive, more than can you imagine

But unlike the previous batches, there won't be 13 complaints, but 13 findings about what I saw from each of you. After all, a few months have passed and some things have changed, right? And how I survived? You will know much later. Friend's warning. Don't try to cheat. Like the others I have copies of these too. And they may be used at some time in public if the toilets are destroyed. Be careful, my people. And don't worry. it's bitter like the previous ones. At least not so much.

Which doesn't stop me from saying what pleases me or not. These are just comments I made from each of you. If you like it, okay, if not, patience, nor did Jesus please everyone. I tried to be more sincere and balanced this time , especially after seeing the hell you caused me on the previous tapes. I'm getting better, and you can get compliments and criticism when I think it's appropriate. Especially for those who called me or whatever I call crazy bitch.

Except who should be listening to these lovely new ribbons might be wondering. How did she save herself? Calm, unhurried, we're just starting. At the right moment, I talk about how and when. Well, where should we start?

Oh yes, for the events that followed mine, let's say death. It's comfortable, I hope so. Take a juice, a hot chocolate or a snack and relax. This is the story of my second life. or maybe better said, of my return to life. Let's start with the complaints of that disgusting bully. Yes, I imagine you already know who I am referring to. The one who has taken away all my joy in life, which I am trying to recover. I've been thinking a little about that, maybe forgive those who hurt me. With the exception of my beloved Helmet, which never hurt me and that disgusting one, which I would go to hell. that can't be cited on these tapes that I wouldn't mind seeing again.

You can be sure, all of you who hear this tape, that I know what happened at the trial. And I will be very honest; I did not expect you to mostly defend me. Thanks for that. But ... it was not better to have that attitude while Was I alive Wouldn't it make more sense What do you think Calm down I'll talk one by one

I didn't expect the guy who gave me the first kiss would still defend me. And even more, I could understand what was going on at that school. I saw, I saw you wallow in drugs, drinking, smoking weed and going crazy. helped you? Even more from someone who has referred to me as a crazy bitch. Yes, Justin, as in previous tapes, the first one is you ..

Clay was still shaken by the latest events, but he felt lighter. He took a shower and moved to school. A week had passed since the funeral. He had heard more tapes. He was thinking, What do you mean? 7 Hannah tapes. By the way, you died, how can this be? That makes no sense ...

The boy was confused. These tapes were not the copies in Tony's possession. No. They were new tapes left at his door, just like the previous ones; Numbered with blue ink and everything. But there was a difference. Just one. The numbers. From 8 to 14.He heard the first tape. Her voice was unmistakably Hannah's. Was she alive? How was she rescued? A thousand thoughts were coming to her head ... He didn't know: Did he actually give her time to save her? and like the others, it started with Justin. What the fuck! He thought. He listened to the boring history class, in which the teacher played a movie about Vietnam and fell asleep. He went out and went to the courtyard. listen:

Yeah Justin, it seems that everything that happened at Jess's party turned against you. But it would be unfair to compare you with that friend of yours. Incidentally what a bad taste you have for friendships. You and honestly, I could have prevented that. But we didn't. Fear? Cowardice? Lack of care? In any case, I don't hate you, Justin. No, how could I hate someone who gave me the first kiss? Your family life is hard, just like the day I took care of you. And in court did you remember that? Maybe I'll come to you for an hour just to say thank you. Point A-1. Eisenhower Square. Remember this place? I know so, this is where it all started on those other tapes. A kiss, yes a mere kiss at the end of the slide, caused a whole whirlwind and to make matters worse, Justin, a photo, an innocent photo, that started all over. that hell. Just because I was skipping on a slide and by chance, some of my panties were on display. It was enough for millions of stories to show up. And you just put more gas in the fire. to burn you too. And you know, you're a sweet boy, lost, very wrong, and even stupid, but who wouldn't be, with the creation of m you had? Now I see that. I tried to help you that day, you remember : The day you were so tired, so destroyed, that even my bed offered you. You had left your house, fought with your stepfather's asshole..And I welcomed you.And if any perv is listening, no That's not what you're thinking. I slept on the floor and Justin stayed in my bed.

And now you're under arrest, paying for agreeing to what the damn Bryce did. Soon you'll be free, on such parole. You should have protected Jess. I could, but it was freezing. You tried to get him off her, but you gave up. And I hope you can pay your mistake fairly. You hurt me, but others hurt me a lot more. And you can be sure, every wound you hit me came back to you. .

Clay stopped listening when he got home. He hadn't talked to almost anyone that day. But he wondered why Hannah had recorded other tapes. By the way, was it possible?

"Never mind, then I'll think about it," he said. He put on Crestmont's uniform and went to work. That day, everything went smoothly. He missed her, that humor and that usual joy. She called him the Helmet. And she called him that because he went to work on a motorcycle, even though he usually rode a bicycle. They were memories he would never get out of his head. His great friend and his great love, which for him were lost forever.

The clock on the counter wall was ticking. It was almost time to leave. He swept the floor of the cinema, removed the gum stuck to the chairs and hit the spot. At that moment, the place was empty, until he heard a familiar voice:

-Helm-Come here-

I couldn't believe it. Only one person called him by that nickname. Could it be ...

- Whoa, who's there?

"Stop being silly, Helmet, it's me." "Did you see a ghost?"

Yes, Hannah. Long brown hair, bright blue eyes, and her usual jacket. In her hand, a long red wig and dark glasses. The boy was confused, but he felt it was herself; No, more than that, I was sure, even though I didn't understand why:

"Hannah, is that you?" "You're alive! I don't believe it. Is that you? How?"

-Shhh.Don't talk so loud, Clay. I can't show up yet. But it's me: Do you doubt?

"Why did you disappear? I can only be dreaming. You should be in a coffin ..."

"That coffin was empty. But I can't talk about it now. You really think I'm a ghost," she smiled sarcastically. "Okay. Take my arm here." in the middle of the forearm

-They are the marks of the blade-At this depth you should have died.Your parents saw you dripping in blood.As you? ..

"Yeah, you're right," she said, sitting in a chair. Yeah, but it was close. But I won't tell you that now. It's too long. How are my parents?

-They were devastated, but they look better ... I found it and you know that the school people now honor you and honor you

"I see. Mom and Dad already know I survived. And a long time ago, Clay." Only this I speak better on the tapes.

-And the school people even made a memorial in their locker. By the way, it was from a nice young girl named Nicole Ryder, but she changed and now locker 123 is a memorial.

"I know that, but I don't know if I like it that much. I appreciate a few. And I must say that some of them I wish I could talk to again. But you're the one I trust the most... And love, Clay." Forgive me for not saying that I survived before and made you so bad. You have suffered so much for me.

"You can't imagine how much I suffered from your loss ... I was afraid to forget you. And more afraid to let you go. When you came back. I never saw you again ..."

"Wait Clay," she gently held the boy's hand. "The important thing now is that you know I didn't leave you. One of the reasons that made me stay alive was you. But I can't give you more details. I just came here to see you." yes, once again forgive me for making you suffer so much. You don't deserve this ..

-But I was afraid to forget you, with all that happened, my mind, my soul just thought of you ...- I don't know if you understand ..

"I see, yes, I do," Hannah said, tears in her eyes. "I would never forget you. The first person I would say was here is you. After my parents, of course. But make sure. Helmet, very little you don't." lost me forever.

-I was so scared, just trying to think of a way to get revenge on that wretch that ruined you.And at the funeral I let you go ...

"I know. Forget it, you wouldn't." He gave her a caring look. "Neither do I." As they say, so remember. As far as you are talking, I never left. Crestmont. Only that I disguised myself after I left the hospital. I couldn't show up, Helmet. And you didn't see me, because it wasn't time. You let me go, but you didn't know I was still here.

"Why did you do that? You mean the funeral was all a theater?"

"I'll tell you later. Anyway, you got my tapes, didn't you?"

-Yes, another one like those other

"These are different. The order is very similar, but you will see that they are different."

-Where do you live?

"I can't talk now, but I assure you, sometimes you'll find me at home. Dad and Mom know I'm alive now as I just told you. I just asked them not to spread it. I stopped by to see them." Tony knows it too. But I want it to be just you, for now. Some people know, but ... The others will know little by little.

"I must be going crazy, but that's fine. I keep it a secret," he said firmly.

"I know you're going Clay," she smiled.

I love you, Hannah, sorry I didn't tell you while you were here. I tortured myself missing you. I wanted to bullet that bastard Bryce, who did this to you. And the others also made me very angry."

-You already said that-and giggled-Forget it.That fdp had what it deserved.And I hope that mofe in jail.But do not become a killer.As for the others, I will appear gradually.I found the ball very beautiful that they did for me.That I'll tell later on the tapes.Listen all


-If you need me, look for me here at the cinema, or in my room.I'm late at night before Dad and Mom realize.I was happy with the case won, this money helped the drugstore a lot ....

"So you didn't show up before?"

More or less But then I promise to tell you everything. Live or in stereo ....

"You are your craze," he laughed lightly. Take care of yourself and kissed her on the cheek

"You too," and disappeared into the darkness at the cinema.

Clay closed the doors of the Crestmont, took his bike, and went around town. He arrived at Eisenhower Park. He sat on a bench that used to sit with Hannah. She was there. No, not this time. But seeing her again gave her some relief. She took off Tony's cassette player and listened again.

Justin Foley, Justin, Justin, such a handsome boy and such a wreck. He walked with the wrong company, didn't know how to choose friends and even left his girlfriend in hand. But, relax, you're not bad. I saw that he even made friends with Clay . Also because it was he and Tony that took you off the streets, where you sank deeper and deeper. Good choice. Clay is a good and decent boy, and I like him very much, you should know that no: Much more than the kiss he gave me, he gave me affection, affection and support. But I followed that legal joke. I saw it. in a suit and tie to give a statement. And you defended me. That I thought was cute but a little weird. Why would you defend me, I don't know. Not to mention that you protected Jess, finally bringing clarity to that case. What's good for you, that alpha male stance gave me and disgust. And did you see what you got out of it? A few months watching the sun rise And sometimes I think it was good for this whole trial to happen, because this school has to be reformed at the very root. What a horrible culture that athletes, I'm the badass-can-get-as-many do it with girls. Why, it's silly to think I'm the only one. Or to Jess. No. Did you see, Justin, did you see what your little playboy friend did, and what you got: Yes, a big house, a pool, that Bryce's parents helped you with. But you turned what? A puppy, a You really wanted to play macho when you showed that picture to your friends, but you ended up making my life a nightmare from that moment on. If you were aware of it, I truly don't know. And worst of all, I was enchanted by you. You really have the gifts of bewitching a girl, be it your charm, your mischievous look or your smile, damn smile that I will never tire of repeating.

I'm glad you're at least starting to be a decent guy. Because I tell you, if there's one thing I hate most is an idiot. I've met a lot of you and you're not the first and not the last. But you have fixed yourself and even befriended my beloved Helmet, you deserve a little credit, after what caused me on tape 1 of the previous batch. I wish we might see Justin. But even come as prince for girls and not like frog. Anyway, you're the first one I'm going to talk about. The others will have their sides too. And each will have a reserved moment.

Something you must have grasped about it all, I guess. Never let a girl down, Mr. Foley. Or better, Justy, Isn't that what Jessica calls you? Or called, because after what you stopped doing, I don't know if she'll. Listen to you again. Well, you love her, even in your crooked way. Only he's with Alex now, and you've lost. More on other tapes, dear Justin. You deserve a more detailed talk on later tapes. See you later.

Final Notes

"That fanfic will assume that Hannah survived."

-It's based on the series, but I'll get some inspiration from the book's narrative structure.

- Despite the name Jenny Kurtz, I'll use the name of the series, Sheri Holland

"I'll use the tapes again as a narrative resource. But there will be times when Hannah and the other characters will talk in the present tense."

-I won't tell straight away how Hannah survived

-There will be characters from both seasons and others I'll create

- I will also try to show ways of helping those suffering from depression and suicidal desire

-Jeff Atkins is severely hospitalized but not dead

-Fanfic start on April 2018 after bye episode

- I changed the order a little. Clay came before Sheri, as it was in the book

-Some places I'll add to the story. But for the most part, they are strictly the same as the series and the book.

- The character Kat has no proper name in the book. I put Katherine for being more logical and a tribute to Hannah's interpreter in the series, Katherine Langford. The surname Spangle was invented

- The appearance of the characters is that of the actors of the series

- Their voice is either the actors or the official voice actors in the series (you can choose)

"Consider Hannah hallucinating the show. Except in one scene. But I won't talk."

-Bryce is under arrest, but I don't know until when ...

The brothers Cyrus and Mackenzie have no revealed surname. I put Hamilton in for sound.

The character families, I tried to be closest to in the series. But sometimes I changed names and some details to better fit the narrative purpose. Except for Hannah's parents, who got the same names. The others may have changed.

P.S: The characters in the series and the books are copyrighted by Jay Asher and Netflix. The characters I own are my property.


Katherine Langford: Hannah Baker

Dylan Minette: Clay Jensen

Justin Prentice: Bryce Walker

Alisha Boe: Jessica Davis

Brandon Flynn: Justin Foley

Ross Butler: Zach Dempsey

Christian Navarro: Tony Padilla

Miles Heizer: Alex Standall

Devin Druid: Tyler Down

Tommy Dorfman: Ryan Shaver

Michelle Selene Ang: Courtney Crimsen

Alijona Alexus: Sheri Holland

Derek Luke: Mr Kevin Porter

Anne Winters: Chloe Rice

Giorgia Whigham: Katherine Spangle (Kat)

Kate Welsh: Olivia Baker

Amy Hargreaves: Lainie Jensen

Sosie Bacon: Skye Miller

Brandon Larracuente: Jeff Atkins

Timothy Granaderos: Montgomery de la Cruz

Steven SIlver: Marcus Cole

Samantha Logan: Nina Jones

Bryce Cass: Cyrus Hamilton

Chelsea Alden: Mackenzie Hamilton

Brandon Butler: Scott Reed


Viola Davis: Mrs. Martha Arlington

Michael B Jordan: Dr Augustus Barnes

Aimee Richardson: Sybil Ferguson

Jacob Elordi: Joshua Staples

Cole Sprouse: Larry Mathis

Joe Keery: Trevor Sphinx


Dear readers who read this fanfic one day, allow me a few words. I thought about this fanfic, based on the series 13 Reasons Why in a curious way. I saw the series, I liked the story, the cast (which I dream someday know) but I'm not sure why I chose this series and not another. It's something that came from the heart, just the story of Hannah, Clay and all the youngsters enchanted me. That mix of friendship, grudges, love, forgiveness and social and emotional issues fascinated me. Yes, a fanfic as big as a book, as the ideas fly, cross my mind, the scenes mount, the lines come. I saw the first and the second season so I try to be as true to the spirit as possible. I also discuss social aspects and American culture in general. I used ideas from scenes or excerpts from season three that fit the narrative axis I created.

If you ask me, when is it going to end, this is an answer I can't give. Maybe maybe fifty chapters, or even longer, as far as my imagination allows. that already exist and I have expanded, whatever I created. Libertyty High is like a microcosm of life, and all its characters show it, with their qualities, defects, fears, courage, loves and hatreds.

I thought of the story in four parts or five parts, namely:

- Chapters 1 to 14 - It's Hannah's return, here we know how she survived, why she hid and how a person who goes through so much trauma tries to return to the social environment. And we also see her reconciling with the old whys. Friendship returns.

-Chapters 15-28- Here, Hannah meets new people, relationships with her old friends, and reconciliation takes more shape. We see more of each character's daily life

- Chapters 29-42 - In this part, the conflicts are deepened, each character's background is more prominent and issues are resolved. As for Hannah, she is more confident and needs fewer and fewer disguises. These are the longest chapters.

Chapters 43 through 56 Here is the action part, two brief mysteries occur, and the group and school begin to effectively put villain Bryce Walker against the wall. These are chapters of events such as birthdays, parties, and carry a more dynamic sense.

Chapters 57-70 - End of the Mysteries and Conflict Resolutions of the Protagonist and the Other Characters. There will be final parties and celebrations here.

I hope you enjoy it as it is being done with the utmost care and care. It is a project that has been a big reason of my life for this time. A hug from the author. And embark on this fascinating story that will probably never end

Especially since we are in the middle of Yellow September, and we can prevent several Hannah out there from trying to do that. I also want to look into this. sweetness, our kindness to each other

13 Reasons Why must be a story, which despite being sad and tragic (be tempted, as here in fanfic, be consummated, as it was in the series), must be primarily of reflection, kindness and forgiveness. a story of grudges, but also of reconciliation. It is possible to forgive, understand, and reconcile with those who err. And to be kind and compassionate to those around us ...

Ah, one last piece of advice I know the fanfic is great, so for ease of reading, imagine each part of the story as a season

season one and season two - consider those from the original series

third season- Caps 1 to 14

fourth season -Caps 15 to 28

fifth season -Caps 29 to 42

sixth season-Caps 43 to 56

seventh season-Caps 57 to 70

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