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Ratel Issa is a successful nuclear physicist with an IQ of 146 , locked her turtured memories for 18 years. Zen Micheals is a detail- obsessed CEO, fighting to forget about his heart pattern in HER presence. Ratel met Zen in April 2019 , when she put in her mind that Zen was the perfect "Laboratory rat" for her next human experimentation . Zen met Ratel in May 2018 , when he first acknowledged his obsession for details was ONLY for Ratel's details. The funder of the experiment met Ratel in October 2001, when he drew his malice towards her. Zen met Red in March 2000 , when he made his first friend, got engaged to HER in December 2018. Zen met Ratel in May 2018 , when he first fell in love with her. "CHIFFON" is a romantic, yet erotic novel smelting psychotic characters in unexpected LOVE & HATE journey. With a great sense of science fiction in a turbulent, chaotic, nostalgic and ravishing atmosphere.

Romantik Junge Erwachsene Romantik Nur für über 18-Jährige. © All rights reversed

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''When conducting an experiment or scientific research, it must be done according to the rules of the scientific approach . The scientific method requires that the various conditions of the experiment be controlled so that we exclude any external influences that may make the results vague and unspecified''

Experimenter: Dr. Ratel Issa

Subject of experiment: CEO. Zen Michaels

Error according : the subject is in love with the experimenter

Ratel doesn’t bother hiding that knowing smirk : '' do you think who finances this mission knows you're a pervert stalker ?''

Yep, because in the end it’s her lil game and every one, no matter whom will follow the fucking plan.

Zen who just has been caught off guard, has nothing to offer but the truth: " no. no one knows I had an eye on you!''

She frowns :'' weird! " then pauses a bit ''but an interesting change in events! '' standing, facing the alarmed CEO in front of her with a victorious smirk :''I'm afraid we don’t have much time Mr. Michaels! but here's how the things going to be in the next 4 weeks; as I told you before this human experimentation must be subjective and free of experimenter effect, thus meaning you will not interfere in my life, and I'll not interfere in yours as well, I do emphasis the fact that I AM. NOT. A. SPY! and don’t actually care about your childish obsession ,, stalking, whatsoever. . in conclusion ; stay the hell out of my way !''




Slapping the door close in one sculpted hand , I couldn't tell why I was feeling dizzy; because of his masculine sense that enveloped me, his tense chest touching my trembling back, or his will to level up this game and make my plan just as difficult !

His hot breath washed against my ear:" you haven’t heard the rules yet, Ratel! ''

How the fuck my name always comes in a husky tone out of his full lips !!

'' there's no need for that!''

'' no, my little spy! this is different, all your threats worth nothing! "

'' enlighten me then !''

'' I will destroy every fucking happy memory you have, and intend to have! ''

His low monotone only made this worse and… more believable!!, turning around to face the very close Zen, looking into his now cold dark eyes with my confused ones

'' what is that supposed to mean?''

'' your laboratory rat is playing dirty , professor !''

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christian grey christian grey
I'm so glad I found this story, man
May 16, 2019, 01:26
christian grey christian grey
I'm so glad I found this story, man
May 16, 2019, 01:26

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