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What would you do if from day to night you knew you were a wizard? Okay, do not think this is another Harry Potter fanfic. What you will see and witness in the yellow pages of my diary is much more than that. I received my letter when I was 15 and since then I have learned that the life I was carrying in the Muggle world was about to end. But I did not know that the school of magic and sorcery was being controlled by Severus Snape and under the command of the Dark Lord. This is bad when you do not usually have limits and the tortures start to get worse and worse as the days go by. But not everything is bad, I made friends and I lived an incredible love story. My name is Dan Tonks and I hope every page you feel the same feelings as when I passed everything I felt from the ink to the yellowish paper.

Fan-Fiction Filme Nicht für Kinder unter 13 Jahren.

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Author's Notes

Hello guys,

i bring you my first Fanfic. Yes, I've never written one, but I'm going to use and build on the scenes from a Harry Potter RPG I've been a part of for Slytherins.

I will recount from the point of view of the character I played there, from the time he received his letter in the Muggle world until the day he began studying at school. Some chapters will be named after the characters he has met.

Describing how much each one was important to him and how he related to each of them.

Warning (since this Fanfic will have a little bit of everything, comedy (because he was very clumsy and he was getting himself into confusions.) Romance (He was sonso, but fell in love) Drama (Past painful) Adventure (Had some very nice missions and roosters).

I hope you like what you read. I'll post chapters weekly if readers like it.

I wish you all a good reading.

There is a Book Trailer on youtube of the work, give a check later: 3

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