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Niklas and Arthur celebrate Valentine's Day in their own way.

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Valentine's Day

Arthur x Niklas


The sun shining through the window was what woke Arthur up. He let out a groan and rolled over in the bed, dragging his pillow over his face to block out the light. Why the fuck are the curtains open? Too early… too tired… Arthur closed his eyes to go back to sleep and reached out for the other occupant in the bed, only to find empty air. Frowning, he opened his eyes again and sat up to look around, thinking that maybe his partner had fallen out of bed during the night. It didn’t happen often, but did still happen.


When he couldn’t find Niklas, Arthur sighed and slowly moved to get out of bed. He hated getting up early unless it was needed, and it definitely wasn’t needed today. But he had a person to find and only so many rooms to search. It wouldn’t take long at all and then he could go back to bed. Arthur didn’t bother to pull on a shirt as he left the room because of this, figuring it would be easy to find the missing man.


First, he searched the spare room, thinking that maybe Niklas had had a nightmare and gone there to not disturb him. Empty. Next, he checked the office, maybe he had decided to get an early start on his work. Empty. He was about to check the bathroom, when he heard a clanging from the kitchen. Cooking? He never cooks. First time for everything though I guess.


Approaching the kitchen, Arthur called out, “Niklas? You there?”


“Yeah! Come in and sit down! I haven’t blown anything up!”


“I sure hope not…” Arthur grumbled, but entered the kitchen anyway, stopping to stare in shock.


Usually he ate cereal for breakfast. But today, it appeared that it was going to be a cooked meal. Arthur wandered over to the table and looked at the food there; bread rolls, eggs, and various meats. As he sat down, it clicked that this must be a meal that was usually eaten for breakfast back in Germany… just with what their pitiful pantry had instead.


“I was just about to come wake you actually. Just cooking the bacon. What do you think?” Niklas turned from the frying pan to look over at Arthur who smiled at him.


“Looks great. But… why? You’re normally too busy to cook.”


“Surely university isn’t keeping you that busy. It’s Valentine’s silly. I know you normally cook, but I thought that it would be nice if I did it. You know, to show I care.”


Arthur sat there for a moment to recall what day it actually was and a sheepish smile crossed his race once he did remember. It was indeed Valentine’s Day, a day that the two cherished more than any other. Although he did feel bad for forgetting it in the first place, it was lucky that a plan had been created a while ago in preparation.


“Well I appreciate you cooking. And I hope you didn’t make plans like I asked. Since I made them and I’m fully prepared to knock your socks off!”


“Knock my socks off?” Niklas frowned and tilted his head to the side, a quirk he showed whenever he was confused about something.


“Oh uh, I’m ready to surprise you.” Arthur scrambled to explain, cursing the language barrier that would just appear at the most inconvenient of times.


“Well I’m excited to see what you’ve got planned then.”


Silence descended upon the both of them, Arthur just watching Niklas cook with half-lidded eyes and Niklas just focusing on not burning the last few pieces of their meal. The quiet went on for a few minutes before Niklas placed the last of the food at the table and sat down across from Arthur. “Don’t wait for me to tell you, eat as much as you want.”


“Well if you insist!” Arthur was quick to lean over the table and pile his plate full of food. He made sure to grab at least one of everything, wanting to savour everything that had been cooked. It was a rare thing to experience Niklas’ cooking. He wasn’t going to let it go to waste.


At the first bite, he could’ve melted. The food was delicious and Arthur definitely questioned what God his partner had bowed before to gain such cooking skills. It wasn’t that Niklas was a bad cook… he just wasn’t a good one.


“This is delicious.” Arthur swallowed his mouthful and flashed a smile, enjoying the nervous look fade away on Niklas’ face and turn to pure joy.


“Really? I’m glad!” Niklas smiled and placed some of the food on his own plate, “I did use the internet to get the best way to cook it. I know I’m not the best after all.”


“You did perfectly.”


The chill of the morning air was refreshing to feel and the lack of people gave them both a sense of privacy as they walked down the familiar path. It wasn’t cold enough yet to snow, but it was definitely cold enough to out the winter clothing. The chill also allowed them to walk close together, arms knocking against each other every few steps.


After the tenth or so time of their arms knocking together, Arthur huffed and simply grabbed Niklas’ hand, threading their fingers together and locking hands. There was a faint blush on his face that could easily be mistaken for the cold. When he glanced over at Niklas though, he couldn’t help the fond smile that appeared when he caught the impressive blush on his face.


He would’ve said something, but it was their custom to do these walks in silence. It allowed them to gather their thoughts without worrying the other. It gave them a peace they couldn’t find at home. It was also a method Niklas had suggested to help him when he had been receiving treatment from the man. The silence never bothered them when they did these, there was always time to talk once they reached their destination after all.


Speaking of destinations, Arthur could see the little pond just up ahead and was glad that it wasn’t frozen over since that would put a kink in his plans. He smiled to himself and picked up the pace a little, excitement starting to take over him. His partner merely smiled in response and let himself be dragged the last few metres to the edge of the pond. Arthur let go of Niklas’ hand to reach into the bag he’d brought with them and produced a couple of bread rolls left over from breakfast.


“Bread? What’s it for?” Niklas questioned as he was handed a roll.


“The ducks. We never have anything to feed them when we walk by usually. So, I decided we could do that today.” Arthur smiled and ripped a small piece of bread off to throw into the pond, the ducks in question immediately swarming over to snatch it up. “How do you say it?”


Enten. Wir füttern die enten.” Niklas said, the foreign words sliding out effortlessly. Seeing Arthur’s confused expression, he chuckled, “Ducks. We’re feeding the ducks.”


“That’s adorable. German is so cute.”


“You are literally the only person that thinks that Art. Everyone else says it’s a very rough language.”


“Well it’s adorable coming from you then.” Arthur leant over slightly to brush his lips over Niklas’ cheek, smiling at the blush that came from the action.


“You’re embarrassing. I hope you know that.”


“You love me for it though.”


“Yes.” Niklas agreed, feeding the ducks some more of the bread, “I do love you for it.”


Arthur chuckled quietly and finished feeding the ducks, the birds having the time of their lives snatching up the free meal. Now that the bag was empty, he scrunched it up and shoved it into his coat pocket, not wanting it to get in the way. Afterwards, he waited for Niklas to finish with his own roll before sneaking over to grab his hand again.


“Come on. Let’s finish our walk. I have a couple more things I’d like to do.”


Arthur opened the door to their home and gestured for Niklas to enter first, closing it behind him once he’d done so. After the duck feeding and come a nice lunch in a small café that Arthur had discovered with Michael one day. And after lunch had come a movie before the lovers trekked home, the temperature dropping as the sun disappeared.


The day had been perfect in his books and it certainly showed, the smile of Niklas’ face never fading and the joy in his eyes just growing more. Just seeing his partner so happy instead of tired and stressed was enough to bring joy to himself as well.


“Today was great fun.” Niklas said, wriggling out of his coat and pulling off his scarf to hang them up. “Thanks Art. I really did enjoy today.”


“I’m glad.” Arthur smiled and walked to drape himself over Niklas, nuzzling into his neck, “Did I do good?”


“You did wonderfully. I’m proud of you. Proud to be your partner.”


Arthur grinned and pulled away, only to spin his partner around and lean down to pick him up, the latter letting out a yelp before wrapping his legs around Arthur’s waist and his arms around his shoulders. Arthur walked the two of them through the doorway and into the living room, being mindful to not have Niklas hit anything.


“Art, what are you doing?”


“Hush, only moving rooms. Don’t panic.”


Niklas fell silent and let Arthur carry him, just curious about what was happening. When they were beside the couch, Arthur gently placed Niklas on the ground before falling onto the couch, pulling the other with him to rest against him.


Their bodies fit together perfectly, like two matching jigsaw pieces. Their legs tangled together and Niklas leaned up on his elbows, hands splayed over the others chest. Arthur carefully reached up to remove his partner’s glasses, placing them on the table next to the couch before wrapping them around Niklas’ waist.


“Arthur, you know I can’t see—”


“I know. But you don’t need to see right now.”


Arthur lifted one hand from Niklas’ back and ran it through the brown curls he loved so much. Gently he leaned up and captured the other’s lips with his own, placing all his love into this one kiss. Niklas’ eyes closed to return the kiss and Arthur closed his own, the two just lost in their own world created just for them. Once the kiss was broken, Niklas rested his head against Arthur’s chest, the both of them smiling.


“Happy Valentine’s Day Nik.”


Glücklicher Valentinstag Art.”

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