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One more story, also available at Inkspired. The stories of three children alone in the world who have an experience beyond the possible.

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A Theather Play, A world beyond dreams

On a stormy day in a big city, a boy and two girls alone in this world roamed the alleys looking for a place to cover themselves with rain and cold.

They moved on from roof to roof and from corner to corner skillfully until at one point they came to a singular alley. Where a peculiar door was open; the rain had soon worsened so they needed a place to shelter quickly.

Without questioning much about the place they entered and the danger that would expose the small entered first followed closely by his brother.

The door led to what looked like a large dark corridor that dimly lit with the little light that came through the door; the little one walked to the front, use caution trying to find out where they were. What was that place? The three of them asked themselves, hoping they would not regret going in there.

When, for a moment; when exploring the small ones they separated therefore a door between closed in a continuous corridor of which a subtle shining escaped that called his attention, reason why with care they entered in this without his brother realized; thus discovering a dressing room.

That place where, apparently, at some time long ago ballet dancers and other artists were prepared before going on stage and perform some great special dance. Since there were still some leotards, dresses, tutus, slippers and even some tiaras, accessories and many other things; which despite the time still retained a new state and a very special brightness.

Astonished were those little ones seeing so many wonderful things that they had only managed to dream, those garments that only in sideboards had been able to look at and in other girls envy; so to try those beautiful things and leave their rags behind did not hesitate for a moment.

Meanwhile his brother had arrived at a place where he was what seemed to be a control board of that mysterious place; since in this there were levers and buttons which I carefully pulled and pressed carefully praying that nothing bad would happen.

For his fortune and on the whim of fate the lights were what ignited; revealing a stage, the stalls, the boxes, the pit of the orchestra and a great curtain finally discovering that they were in an old theater.

Carefully and slowly he descended from the stage by stairs that were to one side of the proscenium and I walk by between the seats observing all around without losing any detail what of that moment surrounded him; amazed by the unparalleled beauty of that majestic place, which, although he had no idea what that place was, in his face the astonishment could not hide.

The walls, columns and balconies beautifully decorated by beautiful baroque engravings that alluded to the magic and the natural; a gigantic and majestic candelabra of golden metal and beautiful crystal, shone on top of the stands crowned that particular theater.

Finally, in the vault are paintings of beauty without equal that represented the arts, the divine and the immaterial; there was no place where that little boy turned to look that did not stop him from astonishing, even the great red curtain old and dusty unmistakable evidence that this place had much that nobody was going to visit, was imposed and conjugated in all that place.

He was absorbed in contemplating everything when suddenly, his little sisters appeared crudely dressed in costumes of the dancers they had found and liked so much; entering on the side of the proscenium just where his brother had entered.

Both with a smile tried to imitate some classic postures and movements of the dance, postures that at some point they saw in a small pamphlet that was in that dressing room and without caring that they did not achieve it or fall in their attempt, they laughed and smiled of happiness.

His brother seeing them was astonished watching them, not believing what he was seeing since both looked really beautiful and you could even tell they had tried to clean his face; he quickly climbed back to the proscenium on the same staircase where he had descended, arriving next to them to ask where they had taken those clothes he had never seen before. And especially to call them attention because they should not take the things of strangers without asking permission.

His sisters retorted telling him to look who said it, he who had turned on the lights without asking someone if he could do it; what his brother did would not say another word, meditating on what he was going to say next.

But just as he was about to speak again, the lights went out suddenly, followed almost immediately by an intense light that emerged from the back of the theater, illuminating the stage as if a work were about to begin and a beautiful music resounded all over the place.

The little ones were bewildered wondering what was happening. Soon the fear invaded them for a moment while they were waiting for what was happening; Suddenly that great curtain opened before them revealing a great stage beautifully illuminated, in which at the back you could see a stage conformed by the facade of a huge castle from which a strange glow arose.

The lights went on and from both sides behind the scenes two ballet dancers came dancing on tiptoe directly to the center of the stage; both wore romantic tutus one pink and one blue; both tutus of long skirts majestically decorated with embroidery with golden, silver, sequins and an opulent lace that gave a unique presence to those dancers seemed to shine by themselves, the tights and the leotard that both wore were white, gloves and sneakers tipped the same color as the tutus and an elegant mask white and bright as porcelain with an exquisite headdress of white feathers and color on the head of each of them, gave them the special touch, an unreal touch.

Both danced with a unique and captivating grace moving in such a way that the little ones were excited while the little one was static watching what was happening, for a moment the girls wanted to get close to dance with them. But the little one did not let them get close when they tried.

Suddenly from behind them, more dancers and dancers appeared whose clothes Suddenly, behind them, appeared more dancers and dancers whose colorful clothes were identical to the other two, who climbed the stage quickly accompanying the first dancers who were already there, for all together to perform a dance similar to the waltz of Coppelia’s hours. When looking at this the child was a little more frightened, but the girls did not do it, just the opposite since they were more excited than before. 

They were identical to the other two, who took the stage quickly accompanying the first dancers who were already there, for all together to perform a dance similar to the waltz of Coppelia’s hours. When looking at this the child was a little more frightened, but the girls did not do it, just the opposite since they were more excited than before.

So, without hesitation more; both took the stage approaching to dance with the dancers; arriving at the center of the stage where everyone surrounded them without stopping their dance for a moment, some made pirouettes in the air, while others danced in pairs close to the small ones; when suddenly two approached the little ones to greet them with a bow.

The boy who had already climbed the stage following his sisters, was distressed outside the circle watching his sisters being surrounded and revered by those strangers; he did not know what was happening which started to scare him even more, when suddenly from behind him two masked jesters appeared running with a large colorful cloth that waved through the air together approaching the little ones surrounding them in their act, the girls were happy and happy for what was happening since they had never seen anything like this before.

Soon two other dancers came out walking with thanks carrying in their hands what seemed to be fabrics, arriving just where the little ones were standing stopping next to them; moment in which the jesters with their smiling and colorful masks lifted that great cloth very high, which they supported in a great ring that another dancer had given them; covering the girls and the dancers hiding them inside gives the view of all.

The jesters with gestures simulated that they laughed while they saw all those around him; the boy was very scared to see what was happening wanting to enter with his sisters, but the dancers would not let her approach as they continued with their dance, preventing the child from moving forward and no matter how hard he tried, he could not get close.

Suddenly everyone stopped turning in the direction of the jesters, who at the same time raised their hands and with a perfect synchronization began the countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ... They dropped the little curtain they had made, discovering that the little girls were now beautiful princesses; both were clean, their hair was neat and neatly combed, tiaras adorned their heads and both wore beautiful peach-colored dresses with a pair of cute shoes that completed the outfit.

The girls could not believe they were clean and trimmed without mentioning that now they looked like princesses with those beautiful dresses; the little one could not believe it either; at this moment when he finally could approach them, because the dancers left the way open to the child.

Who with tears in his eyes approached cautiously without losing sight of his sisters for a moment; When he arrived with them they embraced him without caring that he was still dirty and with his old clothes since they were more interested in showing them their beautiful dresses that the dancers had done to them.

After a few moments, a loud sound coming from the bottom called his attention; little by little those great doors of the castle opened wide revealing something wonderful that awaited the children beyond.

Behind the gates of the castle were hidden a gigantic garden beautifully illuminated by what seemed to be the Sun, an intense blue sky with large white clouds that crossed it like great ships were treated.

 The children were impressed by that great vision that was revealed to them; hypnotized by this incredible image, they slowly advanced towards that garden, entering with great care, amazed by the immensity of that place.

In that place there was a large field full of grass, large trees, beautiful and fragrant flowers, beautiful birds singing non-stop, timid animals peeking out in the distance watched attentively and in front of the entrance where the children came a great path of white stones which led to a huge and majestic fountain that rise a little further.

The children observed everything around them without even blinking, because none of the wonders that were there wanted to be lost. They looked at the sky, listened to the forest, ran on the grass and enjoyed the smell of flowers; that was something they had never seen and that fascinated them. 

After much play and enjoy so much they soon took a moment to rest, lying on the grass and among the flowers together the three smiling looking at the sky closed their eyes resting and wishing that this place was not a dream.

But, suddenly; some voices made them rise. The three got up looking for where those voices that called them without stopping came from; they soon realized that the voices came from a couple of silhouettes that were in the fountain at the end of the road, those silhouettes called them non-stop and although the children had good eyesight they could not recognize them.

Caught by curiosity, the three of them walked to that place, and as they got closer they took shape until finally they could identify them; when they looked at it well they could not believe it.

Tears welled up in the eyes of the elders while the youngest did not know what was happening; the big ones tried not to cry and did not know what to think or do, but; finally they could not contain themselves, when their little sister asked them who were those people who were in front of them. With a broken voice drowned by the crying they answered at the same time - they are our parents - and without saying anything else, both left running towards them with arms outstretched to embrace them as hard as they could barely.

They buried their heads in the clothes of their parents, unintentionally cleaning their tears with these, they cried intensely with happiness while with the voice broken by the cry told them how much they had missed them, how much they had suffered and how much they had wanted this moment that they believed would never come. All this to finally ask them, why they had left, because they had left them.

 Their parents caressing their heads answered that they did not want to abandon them, but fate forced them to separate from them; but now, they were already together and nothing would ever separate them again. These words made them embrace them more strongly than they had before and the crying was greater.

The smaller girl also approached timidly and with a quiet voice asked - Mom, Dad? - They both saw him and approached the little girl arriving next to her; They tenderly stroked his head and replied that yes, they were his parents.

Which caused her to start crying and hug them tightly like her brothers. -Now we will be together my beloved children- said the mother with tenderness. - And now nothing will separate us - the father added.

Slowly they were surrounded by the dancers who entered the garden through the door of the castle of the theater, who after going through the vestibule if appearance and their clothes began to change; the masks disappeared revealing their identity, simple people and nothing else.

Meanwhile in the theater someone knocked on the door where the children had entered that at that moment was closed, but whoever it was that wanted to enter hit with more and more force. In each time the blows were getting stronger and stronger and a moment came when the door began to give way; on stage almost everyone had already entered the garden and when the last one entered, the lights went out and the castle door began to close together with the curtain.

Finally, the door gave way and uniformed strangers entered running hurriedly inwards checking every corner of the place; when they arrived at the big stage area.

They soon turned on the lights, lighting up the theater once more, checking each chair in each place, while a couple investigated the stage behind the curtain, but found nothing out of place.

They only found an old cloth screen and parts of an old stage of a musical work, in which there was a small castle on the horizon and in front of it a large garden in which a crowd of dancers was drawn and what seemed to be a happy royal family with a king, a queen, two little princesses and a young prince, in whom his face could appreciate a happy face.

And on the ground at the foot of the castle a small sheet of propaganda announcing a work called “A world beyond dreams”.

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Jorge Giovani Vallejo López Aproximadamente desde los 14 años inicie a escribir algunos cuentos propios, me encantan las historias de fantasía, acción y aventura; más aun me gusta escribir con una bella melodia alimentando mi imaginación.

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