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Kaitlyn, a barista at Magic Beans Coffee, has to work on Christmas. However, she meets Will, the cute guy she likes, just as she's about to close. Will they hit it off?

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A Whole Latte Love

Kaitlyn, the barista at Magic Beans Coffee, started to clean up for the night. Today was a pretty slow day, which was expected, because it was Christmas. People wanted to spend time with their families and enjoy their company. She silently cursed her manager for making her work on Christmas instead of completely closing the shop. She was lost in her thoughts for a while, and all of a sudden, the doorbell rang,

A handsome, good-looking guy walked in and flashed a dazzling smile. She knew this guy from school and she'd seen him in the hallways. Everyone wanted to follow his Instagram and he was the captain of the football team. He had the nerve to walk up to the counter and introduce himself. "Hi, I'm Will. What's your name?", he said. Kaitlyn blushed and decided to introduce herself as well. "Hi, I'm Kaitlyn. What can I get for you?" Will asked for a black coffee and a salmon and caper bagel. Kaitlyn duly prepared the order and served it to Will. 

Will finished his bagel and coffee and he slipped his phone number and Instagram handle to her on a napkin. She blushed and placed the napkin in her pocket. She clocked out and finally closed up shop. 

The next day, Zoe called Will. She was livid after finding out that Will and Kaitlyn were now a thing, and she didn't waste a moment in telling him so. Zoe was angry and she proceeded to block him on all social media. She pulled the blankets over her head, turned off the lights, and proceeded to cry into her pillow. Her frustration was all too evident, and she was all too willing to express it in the most over-dramatic way possible. 

Meanwhile, Kaitlyn called Will and she added him on his social media. She invited him to the local independent movie house when she got off work, and things went from there. Eric, Zoe's new boyfriend, began to start a fight with Will in the lobby of the theatre before the movie, and Will was beaten. 

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