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A letter from Katie to her mother, describing the holidays with her father. Written for the conteste

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Dear mommy,

Hello my gorgeou  mom. How are things going at hom ? Julie and I are havi g the greatest time visiting father. He took us shopping an  bowling and we even went to a party, t ings are so crazy in h re. It took me back to the times when we were young. Remember when me and julie used a secret  anguage? You found out fast how we made it. All you needed to do was find the missing letters… Find the missing letter… And then you would organize the jumble of letters into words. It was so cute. I  romiss I still remember and some imes I try to find codes, but you never t ied. C n you find them?

Anyway, just sending this letter so you don´t get alarmed like you reviously did when we didn’t come to our retty house arly. I know, it’s been two weeks since we came, and we shoul  have gotten ack last week, but we were having so much fun, we decided to sta . Besides, Julie isn’t feeling too well to drive. Last nig t a fr end of father ca e and we stayed up all night playing games and having fun. You don’t  now him, so don’t bother snoop around worr ed.

The winter here in Virginia is cold. Co der than Brazil anyway. Here, in Ash Tree Lane, there are kids p aying merrily on the snow. I like it h re. You shoul come here once in a while. You could ust come here fast, and we co ld enjoy the co d together. I m ss you really much. Mayb we got to see each other oon. I don’t know, I am having so mu h fun that I am hoping to st y a little bit longe. Thank you for supporting me in this journ y, being here day after ay.

Don’t be stressed by the poor caligraphy of ine, but right now i am cold,  nd using a pen when it’s cold is really hard, you now. Hope you get th s message in time a d move accordin ly, co ing h re. Ho about we stay at fathe ’s and have a jolly good t me?

So anyway, his was all I want d to say to you. Don’t fre or worry about us, we’re fine, and come ere fast please. I m ss you… I will alway miss you

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