Julia Fenollosa

When a girl finds out that her old self chose to change her life and that she is also in a coma she decides to go search for her old life

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Episode 1

Daydreaming seems to be everything I do these days daydreaming about a life I wish I had.

“Talia” my teacher call at me I snap out of it crap I do not know in what exercise were at I more report about me not paying attention and my mom for sure is not gonna let me go to LA to visit aunt Elisa.

“Question 6 exercise B” my friend Nataly tells me but I still don’t know what’s this question is about

Give an example for P(n) which is true for all n.

Thank god bell rang.

“We’ll pick this tomorrow” my teacher says and without another report I leave class Nataly catches up to me.

“Hey if you wanna graduate you gotta start paying attention” Nataly says laughing

“I know but okay so you’re the first person I tell this to but when I don’t pay attention is because I’m imagining another life where everything is perfect and you know how sometimes they say that you had a past life I think that’s my past life “ I say.

After a few seconds pass of her staring blankly at me she responds with “maybe” in some kind of way my friends have already dealt with Talia is crazy and we have to accept it kind of way well Nataly is the first one I share this theory with not even with Camila the one that knows all my deepest and darkest thoughts or Taylor and she is my best friend and don’t get me started with Alia she and I are like twins we like almost everything the other one likes but we look nothing alike.

“You’re actually the first one I told this about” I finally say.

“Hey I understand that you really have an active imagination but you really have to start paying attention in class do you even know what we were talking about today” she says.

“Yeah of course I know” and she gives me the look “Well no but that class is so boring you know Mrs. Montez she is just something” I say.

“Well okay I’ll let you copy my math test” she says

“The what now” I say

“I was kidding we do not have a math test see you weren’t paying any attention” she says

A high pitching sound starts ringing in my ear and it starts getting higher and higher until it gets to the point my ear starts bleeding I my sight starts getting blurry and blurry until I passed out.

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Fortsetzung folgt… Neues Kapitel Jeden Donnerstag.

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