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In the year 2025, shadow monsters that came out of nowhere started to take over. Civilians were either affected or eaten, causing the population to go down severely. In the deserted town of Eikleberry a 17-year-old girl named Romily Ackerson tried to survive.

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The first sighting

Their first appearance was on March 27th, 2025, at some random fisherman's dock. The man was getting ready to lock up the boats like he normally does, on his way to the fifth boat he saw a tall, skinny, black figure standing inside the boat. Of course, he assume that it was just some dude that didn't see that it was closed, "Excuse me, sir..we're closed!" he yelled. He wanted to keep his distance since it wasn't one of his more recognizable customers, "Um sir?" he turned on his flashlight and pointed toward the figure, but nothing was there. Freaking out, the man ran inside the building that is in front of the dock to call 911.

The police searched around and told him there was no sight of anything strange and that he should go home and get some rest. 2 weeks after there were 20 reports of the shadow creatures, at the time not many people believed it at first but as time went on and more sightings has been reported people began to freak out. I remember when the outbreak started I wondered if there could have been something to prevent it all, but I know now that nothing could have prevented or predicted this.

I still live in the house I grew up in, it's my safe place and where my parents took their last breath before they were affected. It happended on the day of the outbreak, I was in my room dancing to my favorite song "Where you are" from moana. I remember being so excited for my 16th birthday, I heard a loud *thump* from downstairs. I turned off my music, peeked out my door, and asked "If everything was alright?", there was no response. So I tip-toed downstairs to see my parents bodies laid out on the floor.

I froze for a bit then proceeded to check for their pulse but it was like I couldn't feel them. Their skin was snow white pale, their eyes dark as the night and their veins were purple as a plum, I didn't know what to do so I called 911. They came over right away, and attached my parents on these stretchers that had dark brown straps to hold them down, at the time I thought they were going to get help, I know now that wasn't the case.

I try not to blame myself from time to time, I know I shouldn't but I can't help to think..if I wasn't listening to music full blast..if I was just downstairs in time. But that doesn't matter now that's all in the past, just as Albert Einstein said"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."Furthermore, I have to be strong and learn from my mistakes not hold on to them.

I Romily Juilet Ackerson pledge to never give up and survive the RISE OF THE SHADOWS.

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